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TREASURE DREAM (see also Money)
I am digging in the garden of my childhood home and uncover a box of treasure. My life has been pretty bad lately. Does my dream indicate a change for the better? - P T- Swindon UK

Dream Dictionary
To dream that you find treasures, denotes that you will be greatly aided in your pursuit of fortune by some unexpected generosity. If you lose treasures, bad luck in business and the inconstancy of friends is foretold.

Discovering treasure can represent something you've discovered in real life or would like to discover, or it can represent an insight you're having during the dream or you've had recently in real life.
See also: gem coins expensive ...

Searching for treasure is often about adventure and life wisdom as much as it is about a desire for money. You may have very real financial needs that inspire this dream. However, the treasure may bea symbol for wisdom and experience that you seek to acquire in waking life.

Treasure Chest
To see a treasure chest in your dream denotes your talents unknown to anyone. It also represents belongingness. You are contented with how things turned out in your waking life.

The fairytale situation where the dreamer unexpectedly finds treasure indicates that unexploited talents or potential lie within him and should, like the treasure, be unearthed.
Tree ...

Treasuretop list
To dream that you have found treasure, means that you will receive help in business affairs. To loose treasure means you could loose friendships or have a turn of bad luck.
Treetop list
The life principle; psychic growth and development; success ...

If you dream about finding a treasure or objects with magical properties, your unconscious mind may be telling you to seek out something valuable or magical in your life. Perhaps you need to look for the magic in something that seems ordinary.

To dream that you find treasures, interpret that you will be greatly aided in your pursuit of fortune by some unexpected generosity.
If you lose treasures, bad luck in business and the inconstancy of friends is foretold.

Treasure-symbolic of God’s word, Prov. 7:1
Treasure chest-symbolic of finding something that was hidden from others and contains things of great value ...

Treasure - Maybe a sign of wish-fulfillment. This could be telling you that you are to stumble upon materialistic gains, or possibly spiritual or emotional as well. Maybe you are looking at life in a different way, and it has become richer and more full of meaning to you.

treasure you have some powerful talents that have not been developed; discovering some thing valuable and important; relief from poverty; prosperity indicated. What do you treasure most in yourself?

Dreaming of treasure can be a message that you are not seeing your inherent value. There may be special qualities about you that are unrecognized, and symbolized by finding or searching for a treasure. See also Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys, and Prize.
Tree ...

Treasure Chest
To see a treasure chest in your dream, represents your hidden talents. It also represents a sense of security and belonging. You are content with where you are in a situation or relationship.

Treasure- wealth. (Matt 12:35)
Tree- leader, shelter, evil influence, false worship, covering. (Psalm 52: 8)
Tree Stump- tenacious, roots, hope of promise, restoration, obstacle. (Job 14:7-9) ...

Treasure. Early prosperity is predicted in a dream of finding treasure; digging for it is an augury of improving health; and diving for it forecasts a valuable gift or unexpected legacy.

A dream featuring treasure or a treasure chest implies that you need to get over some hurdles in your life before you reach your desires. It may also suggest that ..Read more →
TREE ...

A treasure chest symbolizes your spiritual nature and spiritual gifts. Your spiritual gifts are the most precious part of your nature.
Treat ...

Earthly Treasure
To dream of precious stones and metallic treasures is often believed to be a sign that financial reward will follow. Unfortunately, this is seldom the case. The more earthly treasures we accumulate in dreams, the less materialistic gain we are likely to experience.

Treasure (financial, emotional, mental, or sentimental, etc.), even in an unexpected or hidden form
Investment or saving
The details or things that don't matter much, as in "that's just small change"
see also: currency (cash, money) treasure finances gold
categories: Objects ...

Treasure; essence; Valuable.
What is valuable? What I have in myself as valuable?

Treasure. Essence. Precious. Revaluation of principles.
Work on fulfillment. Frustrated or satisfied with life.

treasure- The wonder or value of life, self-realization and wholeness, integration, spiritual reward and fulfillment.

As a treasure from the sea, the pearl often represents the Self for women. Associated with water (unconscious), pearls often represent inner knowledge, insight from out depths.

Found treasure.
Been given jewels as a gift.
Admired jewels.
Wanted a specific jewel.
Wore a crown or heavily laden jewelry.
Envied or been jealous of someone's wealth.
Been put off by a display of wealth.

Great treasure of the inner world. The golden light of inner peace. "Heart of Gold".
Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn (detailed) ...

Treasure. Ultimate value .Approaching money. High honors. If you handle gold in your dream, you will be unusually successful in all enterprises. For a woman to dream that she receives presents of gold, either money or ornaments, she will marry a wealthy but mercenary man.

To dream of a treasure map that shows you where the treasure is by a big X this means your goals... Continue dream interpretation - X (marks the spot)"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - X-ray ...

To dream of a treasure map marked a big X , indicates that your goals are in sight and you will soon be greatly rewarded.
X-Ray ...

Bear - Number -Treasures - Contact - Meaning of Angels & Demons
I stood before a fireplace that had a wood mantle above it with an angel of Lord God beside me in this dream.

Dew represents tiny treasures or small pleasures. To dream of sparkling dew may portend a coming blessing.
diamond ...

allot, approach, arouse, arrive, arrive at, arrive in, ascertain, assign, attain, attain to, awaken, bargain, be informed, be received, become acquainted with, become aware of, blow in, boast, bob up, bonus, boon, bring to light, bringing to light, broaden the mind, bump into, buried treasure, ...

in an ocean, presumably looking for something when I found a treasure chest
on a shallow crest in the sea after looking for a while. I did not touch any
other valuables from the chest though there were other precious stones in ...

Things we, or our unconscious treasure; our integrity or sense of wholeness; the lasting parts of our nature, even the eternal aspect of self or the essential core of ourselves.

These four Celtic symbols are also referred to as the four Celtic treasures (also jewels, magical objects, talismans).

The discovery of gold and other treasures in dreams reflects discoveries of emotional value in our waking lives. Are we excited about a new romantic relationship, family or friendship bonds, or an intellectual discovery?

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Example 4: A man dreamed of searching for underwater treasure. In waking life he was in therapy trying to understand why he was so anti-social. He felt that if he learned about himself more that he might find a way to improve his social skills.
*Please See Searchlight. TOP
Searchlight ...

Quick Decode: Wholeness; new potential; hidden treasures

Popular Expressions: A nest egg; Put all your eggs in one basket; Egg on your face ...

Losing an Object
You dream about losing a wallet, a car, a treasured ring or bracelet. What does it mean when you lose things that belong to you?

travelling, scriptures, imaginary, wandered, treasure, ancient, victims, hidden
2. Ancient times ...

Some people believe that dreaming of finding gold is a good omen. It may be symbolic of actually finding hidden treasure within you as gold is symbolic of life, warmth, and well-being.

James 5:3 "Your gold and silver is corroded; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as thought it were fire. You have heaped treasure together for the last days." (GMR)
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