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Tunnel stern, tunnel vision, tunnelling, Tunney
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The idea of covert activity
You're accessing or dealing with issues that exist in your subconscious mind
A secret way to get from one place to another, or progress or activity that is unknown to others ...

A tunnel is a dark, underground passageway, which in dreams symbolize concerns of not knowing how or when you will reach light of your destination (awareness) on the other side.
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To dream that you're going through a tunnel indicates anguish in business decisions. To look into a tunnel means that you will soon encounter an unfortunate issue.

To dream of going through a tunnel is bad for those in business and in love.
To see a train coming towards you while in a tunnel, foretells ill health and change in occupation.

To dream of a tunnel implies bad indications for those in business and in love.
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Tunnel - A symbol that might be interpreted as meaning that you are coming out of depression or a time of anxiety in your life.
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Tunnel Seeing a tunnel in your dream, represents the vagina, womb, and birth.

A dream about being in a tunnel usually means you will solve a problem and enter a new stage of your life. This dream can also represent the dreamer's sexual feelings towards someone.
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To see a tunnel in your dream represents the vagina, and womb. Alternatively, it signifies that there is something you want to hide in your life.

tunnel birthing symbol; going through a difficult passage; coming out the other side to freedom and joy; darkness before the light; feeling squeezed and tense; seeing light at the end of the tunnel; pushing your way through; going underground.

The ground usually symbolizes your foundation of beliefs.

To see a tunnel in your dream, represents the vagina, womb, and birth. Thus it may refer to a need for security and nurturance. To dream that you are going through a tunnel, suggests that you are exploring aspects of your unconscious.

Tunnel. An obstacle dream if you were struggling to get through it, in which case the meaning depends on the outcome of the action.

A dream with a tunnel suggests that you need to raise your self awareness in some way or explore things more. It also suggests the need to focus on the ..Read more →

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When interpreting this dream, consider all of the details and the quality of your experience.

tunnel- Pathways into the unconscious. These are sometimes reminiscent of the birth trauma. In some dreams I feel almost claustrophobic and in near panic when I find myself going through a tight tube-like space.

Being in a tunnel, cave, or mine, show you exploring what is usually beneath the surface of your mind and feelings. This is a journey into your unconscious. Remember the rules here are different to those in everyday life.

i had my GTO in the garage and said we can make it to the tunnel that might be the safest place witch was 24 miles out of town that's what the sign said leaving town.

I didn't seem to find my way around and ended up in a dark, dead end-basement tunnel with stairs leading to a subway station downstairs (I did not go down the stairs to the subway).

Example dream : An underground tunnel dream took place as the dreamer was unemployed. With this he felt endlessly bored and frustrated.
Example dream : A dream about an being underground linked to the dreamer meditating before going to sleep.

When you last died you passed down the tunnel of light and let go of everything you were. What survived is the essential you, the part of you that the Hindu philosopher Sri Aurobindo called the psychic being.

To dream of going through a tunnel is bad for those in business and in love. To see a train coming towards... Continue dream interpretation - Tunnel"continue dream interpretation
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Dreaming of a hole implies we are not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. If we are stuck in the hole it implies our life has become stuck in a rut.

see also: discovering searching rescuing shovel quarry underground tunnel
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  You may be looking through a lens that is too narrow or you may have 'tunnel vision.'  Because of this you are unable to see that which is around you.

Tunneled vision with a goal to hit the target. Further, as Celtic symbols, spears conjure images of beginnings.

Freuds' ideas are revealed in the book, The Dream in Primitive Cultures. Freud believed that anything that was in the form of a container was a symbol for the vagina. Some of the symbols representing the vagina were a box, bowl, a room or a tunnel.

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life is an addict) so i was trying to help a homeless guy find a way to get housing on my laptop(my naive generous ways) and realized they were going to kill me so i ran and my 4 year old appeared and i ran with him when we got out of the tunnel we ...

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