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To see twins in your dream signifies opposites and contrasts. It also represents good business, contentment and loyalty. It may mean that you either in an internal battle with yourself or in harmony with your different personas.

conjoined twins
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A bond between two individuals (emotional bond, family bond, marital bond, etc.)—for better or for worse, taking the good (companionship, support, etc.) with the bad (disagreements, ...

conjoined twins
A bond between two individuals (emotional bond, family bond, marital bond, etc.)—for better or for worse, taking the good (companionship, support, etc.) with the bad (disagreements, irritations, etc.).
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Dream Interpretation/conjoined twins
I had an awful dream; I was trying to help a family in need. There was 4 kids, 3 girls, 1 boy and a very abusive dad.

In the absence of literal concerns about the birth cycle or the imminent responsibilities of parenthood, the appearance of twins or giving birth to twins in a dream is a metaphor for two new career or business projects, ...

Association: Work on the identity, Your own reflection. Question: How others see me? How do I reflect in a "mirror"?

To see twins in your dream, foretells security in business, and faithfulness and happiness in the home. If twins are sick, then it represents disappointments and sorrow.
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Twins - Positive: double blessing or anointing; Negative: double trouble ...

Twins indicate you are a channel / medium - you can communicate with spirits.
A twister indicates your state of mind / stress.

Twinstop list
Ego and Alter Ego, conflict within self
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Dreaming about twins means you feel torn between your emotions and desires on one hand, and your logic and ideals on the other.
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To dream of seeing twins, foretells security in business, and faithful and loving contentment in the home.
If they are sickly, it signifies that you will have disappointment and grief.

Twins-symbolic of a double blessing, Ps. 127:3
Two cents-symbolic of a valueless opinion ...

Dreaming of two of anything often embodies choices. Associated with the astrological sign Gemini as an Archetype, dreaming of twins can show diverging sides of your nature that need to be synchronized.

A dream with twins suggests that you have mixed feelings or emotions about something or someone, or you feel out of balance with your ideas or actions in some part of ..Read more →
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Seeing twins in your dream means ambivalence, dualities and opposites. It also represents security in business, faithfulness, and contentment with life. It may also mean that you are either in harmony with or in conflict between ideas and decisions.

Gemini (Twins) - Shoulders, arms, and hands.
Cancer (Crab) - The stomach and higher organs of the digestive system.
Leo (Lion) - The heart, lungs, and liver.

Identical Twins
Dream dictionary definition for identical twins: Dreaming of identical twins indicates a strong bond and connection between two people.

To dream that you cut down a tree means you are wasting your energy, time, and money on foolish pursuits. Twins Dreaming about twins means you feel torn between your emotions and desires on one hand, and your logic and ideals on the other.

I dreamt that my mother had given birth to two twins (girl and a boy). They were much smaller than normal babies, with hugely disproportionate heads. Nevertheless they would walk around and my mother kept telling me they were three.

(They are twins.) I don't want to let them go but they are forcefully taken and sometimes I am forced to get an abortion. Sometimes I feel helpless and like an animal giving birth I have no clothes on and I'm constantly being watched.

The birth of twins or triplets indicates wealth. If the birth involved friendly animals such as dogs, cats, horses or dolphins, then allies who will be of great assistance to you soon surround you.

Gemini: This is an interesting zodiac sign as it represents twins, often shown as two halves of the same thing, or the male and female aspects.

Some Symbolic Sugestions for Twins
"It's the most breathtakingly ironic things about living: the fact that we are all-identical twins included-alone. Singular. And yet what we seek-what saves us-is our connection to others."
---Wally Lamb ...

homosexuals, headquarters, twins, implicated, against, regime, notorious, obvious, plot, mentally ill, stiff-faced, stomped, lacking conscience, documented, attempt assassination, insulting, admired, anti-semetic, sympathiser, racists, ...

(1) The number two may be a symbol for conflict: for example, between two parts of yourself (which may be represented in the dream by yourself - the dream ego - and an adversary, or by hostile brothers'sisters'twins).

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I've been having reoccurring dreams of me being pregnant and the second dream I saw a paper that had my name on it and said I was having twins and another one I was pregnant and getting married. What does that mean?
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Other dreams that are prevalent during pregnancy include dreams of marital infidelity, death of the partner, chronic health problems, birth defects in the child, losing the pregnancy through accident or miscarriage, having twins or multiples, ...

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Viewing a movie in which you have a part may have a meaning similar to that of the double or twins, and may signal that significant material is emerging or ready [.] ...

Freud thought that acorns were phallic symbols. Some people think that if you dream about acorns, you will have good luck and that if a pregnant woman dreams about acorns, it means she will have twins.

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