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Dream Dictionary
To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you.

Seeing an umbrella in your dream indicates a shield against your feelings. It also symbolizes financial protection and security. Seeing an unopened umbrella in the rain indicates that you are opened to your own feelings and emotional needs as you let the rain drench you.

Quick Decode: Offering protection; union (bring under one umbrella); rainy days
Popular Expressions: Save for a rainy day; right as rain; Take a rain check ...

Dream " U " Umbrella
The interpretation of the dream "Umbrella"
Esoteric Dream Book ...

The umbrella is an item that brings shelter from harsh elements such as the sun and rain. Dreams incorporating an umbrella, either held by the dreamer or offered to the dreamer, are indicative that sanctuary is available to those in need and/or oneself.

~-symbolic of God’s protection, Ps. 46:1. If it is raining and you have no ~ it symbolizes being unpre­pared or unprotected
Umpire-symbolic of Christ or a person in authority ...

To dream of carrying an ~, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you.
To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealed to for aid by charity.

Dreaming of an ~ can symbolize how you are currently protecting yourself from difficulty rather than processing what can be learned from it. The issues surrounding the ~ will show how you are doing this.
Uncle ...

Objects - Dream Dictionary
Protection from things of the sky (sun, water). A solar or masculine symbol. A symbol of the canopy of heaven. In some countries, it symbolizes royalty.

~ need for self-protection; take a more positive attitude about things; get a broader perspective. How is the condition and colour of the ~ symbolic of ways in which you are covering yourself?

~ - Quite possibly a symbol of protection. A shield against expressing your true emotions.
Uncle - Masculine part of the psyche; qualities or characteristics you identify with particular individual which are projected aspects of yourself. {See anima/animus} ...

To dream of an ~ represents emotional protection from disappointments or uncertainty you are experiencing. The ability to shield yourself from depression, pessimism, or being inundated by a negative situation. A reflection of how optimistic you feel when problems or delays arise.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of carrying an ~, denotes that trouble and annoyances will beset you. To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealed to for aid by charity.

Parcel To dream of a parcel being delivered to you, denotes that you will be pleasantly surprised by the return of some absent one, or be cared for in a worldly way. If you carry a parcel, you will have some unpleasant task to perform.

A dream with an ~ suggests that you need to have better control over your finances. To close an ~ in a dream implies that you are dealing with emotional ..Read more →

When the dreamer dreams of himself seeking refuge under a large ~, it signifies escapism, anxiety and a flight from the realities of life.

Uncle ...

An ~ shelters you from the rain. In dreams the rain represents life, so being sheltered from it indicates you protect yourself from life.

To see an ~ in your dream, suggests that you are putting up a shield against your emotions and trying to avoid dealing with them. It is also symbolic of emotional security. If the ~ is leaking, then it indicates that you are unprepared in facing your problems.

~ Uncle Underground Undress Unfortunate Uniform United States Mail Box Unknown Urgent Urinal Urine Urn Usurer Usurper Vaccinate Bookcase Hills Moses Cask Roses
Weight Gain Calculator
Bruce Trademill Test ...

~ The strategies you use to deal with difficult emotions, or things you want to avoid. More ...

~: Something to protect against the elements e.g. difficult feelings or circumstances, or anything not wanted from the unconscious.
under: Who you are inside and beneath the social mask that you wear.

Ufo Ugly ~ Uncle Unconscious Undercurrent Underground
Underskirt Underwear Unfaithful Unfriendly Ungrateful Unhappy
Unicorn Uniform University Unknown Unmarried Unoccupied ...

~ - lasting friendship, security.
Vinegar - jealousy.
Volcano - adventure, passion.
Wall - if a stone wall, you are near to achieving self-improvement. If a blank wall, reconsider your current plans.

Carrying a closed ~ in the rain is highly unfortunate for the dreamer and his business plans. To dream of carrying an open ~ in the rain is a very fortunate sign that speaks of good luck in most endeavors. A leaky ~ denotes quarrels with loved ones.
Uncle ...

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Parasol: To dream of a parasol, denotes, for married people, illicit enjoyments.
If a young woman has this dream, she will engage in many flirtations,some of which will cause her interesting disturbances, lest her loverfind out her inclinations.
- See ~.

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