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Vulnerability or personal thoughts, feelings, motivations, intentions, etc.

Synonyms of underwear.
noun: underclothes, underclothing, lingerie, undergarment, linen; plural: underclothings, lingeries, undergarments, linens;related terms: bras, pans, nightwear, swimsuits, brassieres, panties, briefs, boxers, T-shirts, ...

Dreaming that you are in your underwear means a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. Alternatively, it symbolizes some aspect of yourself that is private.

If you dream of being in your underwear, especially in a public place, it means you are nervous about being vulnerable to others. You might be "caught out" in an embarrassing situation.

I changed clothing right in front of her (something I never did in real life), including changing my underwear.

To dream that you are in your underwear, signifies a situation that has created a loss of respect for you. Alternatively, is symbolizes some aspect of yourself that is private.

Dreams of being partially clothed suggest feelings of emotional vulnerability. Partial attire in an office or business context reflects feelings of being unprepared, or scrutiny by one's boss or co-workers.

To see someone in nothing but their underwear is a sign of catching a friend or loved one in an embarrassing position that will be hard to explain away, ...

Dream dictionary definition for underwear: Underwear represents your most personal and private self.  It indicates feelings of holding something very close to you in a cherished and treasured way.

Underwear - Those things about yourself you consider private. Protecting or covering up your sexual feelings. A need to express or reveal your feelings/emotions.

underwear feeling exposed; taking care of details. What is your true identity underneath all that outer appearance?
undress removing your identity; taking off the mask; showing your true self. Who do you want to be?

To dream of underwear represents your most personal beliefs or wishes. Hidden attitudes and prejudices. Alternatively, underwear represents your personal view towards sex.

Underwear underclothes knickers panties Intimate or shy feelings, sexual feelings, sexual excitement or desire, or conversely, repugnance, difficult feelings about sex or oneself. Feelings or personal things you keep hidden from others.

Underskirt Underwear Unfaithful Unfriendly Ungrateful Unhappy
Unicorn Uniform University Unknown Unmarried Unoccupied
Unpopular Unstable Untidy Up Upheaval Urgent ...

panties or underwear: May indicate the private self and your sexual identity.
shoes: Indicate one's grounding and connection with the world.
skirt or pants: Might suggest the lower passions.

Being in your underwear or revealing yourself intimately is the same as overcoming the need to hide. Its okay to share your feelings with others. That is what real friendships are based on.

*Please see also Underwear.
To see a lion in your dream, symbolizes great strength, aggression and power. You will overcome your emotions and/or difficulties.

Many sleepers are embarrassed to find themselves dreaming of being in a public place and being either naked or wearing only their underwear. to some situation in their life.

The young man ran out of his bedroom with women's underwear on. He was committing fornications in his bedroom as well as the women. The women were having unclean relations with each other against themselves.

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button to my pants shoots off and the zipper to my pants shoots down; of course, I'm looking down, and I watch as my pants fall immediately to the floor; but what's troubling is, I'm not wearing my usual boxers, but tight, flashy bikini underwear ...

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