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Waiting room
The station to the journey of life that needs to be stopped due to a specific process or a disease where you should fathom.To sit in those waiting rooms , whether in which a doctor or a lawyer, or in the waiting room of a railway station.

Often represents the idea of waiting in real life—or imagining that you are waiting, or fearing that you might have to wait for something. The meaning depends on the context and what you're waiting for.
See also: staying with someone stay last minute hesitating
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Dream " W " Waiting room
The interpretation of the dream "Waiting room"
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You seem to think that when ever go you go for something that something better night be waiting in the wings. There just may be, but as you have seen, sometimes there is nothing, so grab what you can, work hard for the things you want and things will start completing.
Love and Light
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Since dreams usually represent the opposite of what you believe to be true about yourself, a dream where you are forced to wait can actually suggest a need to slow down in a situation where you are too busy to notice that you are unfulfilled.

~ until the last minute to finish something can mean:
You'd procrastinating or would like to avoid whatever the activity represents
You're afraid you'll end up having to rush something at the last minute ...

To dream that you are ~, is indicative of issues of power/control and feelings of dependence/independence, especially in a relationship. Consider how you feel in the dream while you were ~.

~ Room
To dream of being in a ~ room represents issues where you are showing a lot of patience. You may be very focused on something you are expecting to happen in waking life.

Dream interpretation - ~
Anticipation. Ready to take action.... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Wake ...

~ in line for a bus means you have a sluggish digestive system. Literally food is ~ in line in your colon instead of traveling at normal speed through it. The dream is asking you to do something to speed it up. For example, remove the foods from your diet that slow it down.

~ for a response from publishers - can represent anxiety or hopefulness, depending on feelings in the dream.
Working on someone else's manuscript is probably about judgements of some sort. Sometimes things come alive and even beautiful.

News. ~ for a secret to be revealed. Eager to learn.
Feminine projection. Improved image. How you want to be seen by the outside world.

Eagerly ~ for the New Year's Eve.
Doing something on New Year's Eve.
Throwing a New Year's Eve party.
Missing the New Year's Eve.
Preparing for the New Year's Eve way in advance.

So after ~ a while we opened the door and the guy outside said the explosion was a no-go. They had to reset it, so I heard the computer saying "t minus 10". and I shut the door and said it was going to go off in 10 mins ( I wasn't thinking very hard, and it went off in 10 seconds).

delay ~; procrastinating; delay in doing something you want to do; operating on delayed action. What do you keep putting off?
delinquent failure to do what is required; guilty. What is due but not paid?

If you are ~ for a hearse but it never shows up, you might not be ready for change.
If you dream about a hearse, it can mean that you are afraid that you do not have enough time for something.

Winter- ~, not friendly, death. (Jeremiah 8:20)
Wood-lust, flesh, life, carnal mindset, temporal. (Proverbs 26:20-21) root out of dry ground, non decaying wood, humanity of Christ, incorruptible wood; stem of Jesse. (Ex 25:5; Isa 11:1-5; Jer 23:5; Zek 6:12) ...

She had been ~ for a response that never came.
Example dream : Being chased by two people linked to the dreamer feeling trapped looking after his sick mother. They were both getting on each others nerves. Being chased symbolised his inability to escape from this tension. ...

If you dream of ~ at a bus stop, you will run into minor difficulties but they will be quite temporary.
To dream of a butcher symbolizes your raw emotions, or possibly some immoral behavior. You may be testing the limits of your physical strength.

train platform - ~ to go?
wrists bleeding - life force is draining from you
slit wrists - usually self-inflicted ...

You may feel you are ~ on somebody hand and foot. If you dream of being served by a waiter/waitress, you will be involved in many social gatherings involving friends or loved ones.

desire, detachment, disadvantage, discomfort, discomposure, discontent, dislike, displeasure, disquiet, disquietude, dissatisfaction, distress, doubt, dread, dullness, eagerness, elan, elation, emotionalism, emptiness, ennui, euphoria, evil, excitement, existential woe, expectant ~, flatness, ...

To dream of seeing cows ~ to be milked promises abundant fulfilment of hopes and desires.
To dream of seeing good-looking and fat cows contentedly grazing in green pastures, denotes prosperity and happiness through a pleasant and pleasant companion.

It is likely to appear in dreams when you are ~ to hear from someone important in your life or when you need to reach out and connect with someone.

I had this dream the other night while ~ for my reading and it has alot to do with the things that are in the reaading.......... My husband and I were talking and it was springtime in the front of a two story house with a walk-out basement.

Standing outside a circus tent ~ to get in indicates strange but exciting events ahead. If the weather is good, this indicates positive developments, but if the weather is stormy, you may be on the verge of moving from one difficult situation to one that's even more confusing.

As the story goes, Paul does nothing but sits by the fire, ~ and trusting in God by faith to spare his life. Nothing at all happened to him, but those who sat around were looking and ~ for Paul to fall over dead or at the very least, swell up.

To dream that you are ~ for a bus, indicates a temporary setback in achieving your personal goals.
To dream that you are at the bus station, suggests that you have reached some new level or stage in your emotional or physical life.

An aiport is a place where you must wait before you can continue on a journey, so a dream that you are in an airport can mean that you are ~ for a new phase of your life to begin. You are at a transitional stage in your life.

you're going to work, ~ for the bus, or just walking down the street when you suddenly realize that you are stark naked. Sometimes you make it all the way to school or work and then are reminded that you're naked. Dreaming that you are completely or partially naked is very common.

To dream of seeing cows ~ for the milking hour, promises abundant fulfilment of hopes and desires.
See Cattle.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project ...

Beach-if you are on a beach looking out at the water it symbolizes ~ for something in life. If you are walking or sunning yourself on a beach it symbolizes tran­quility. A beach can also symbolize ~ for the return of Christ, Isa. 42:4
Bear-symbolic of ferocity, 2 Kings 2:24 ...

Dreaming on Transplant in a Psychological Interpretation means you are ~ for your problems to be solved alone, or by someone else instead of trying to solving them yourself. Dreaming on a transplant in a hospital may indicate your pet is ill.

If you feel okay about ~ at the lights, it may indicate that you feel it’s time to pull back and stop and think things through before you go any farther. If the lights are yellow, do you feel that you have to slow down when you really want to speed up?

i have a reacurring dream where i am on a beach n my sister who is dead now is always there ~ for me and she gives me a hug and then i wake up but last night a baby owl flew up and landed in my left hand and then my sister gave me a hug and i woke up.

If you are receiving or depositing money, it's usually an auspicious sign, an indication that you are financially secure. If you are ~ in line, it may mean you are literally ~ for a check or money to arrive.

Then I found myself at the airport ~ to check in for the plane to Zimbabwe. Somehow the attendant delayed me until 15 minutes when he released me. Needless to say I could not board the plane because I needed at least one hour prior to boarding international flights.

I interpreted a dream once where the lady in question had an audience ~, to do a show. Yet before she went on stage she had to find the correct clothing to wear. She kept changing outfit after outfit, but none were suitable.

"About ten days ago, I retired very late. I had been up ~ for important dispatches from the front. I could not have been long in bed when I fell into a slumber, for I was weary. I soon began to dream.

To see hair growing in your ear hole, foretells you will soon hear news you've been ~ for.
To see more than 3 ears, suggests that you will have an upright and faithful friend.
To see injured or ear bleeding, denotes someone whom you trust will betray you.

Dream Symbols:Doctor, Pregnancy test, woman @ clinic, ~, what people symbolize in our dreams, tired of ~, leaving doctor's office.

Bait - Something 'luring' within the unconscious ~ for you to tkae the bait. Those things that entince you. Teasing or harrassing aspects in life.

The butterfly does not unfurl from her cocoon in response to an alarm clock - she emerges in her refinery at the perfect hour, fully developed and ready to receive the ~ winds for her first flight. Recall this kind of imagery if you are being pressured.

The Dream: I am standing in front of a strip mail in my neighborhood that is being remodeled. The stores in the area that is being remodeled are vacant and ~ for new tenants. Someone tells me that the shop that I am opening here will serve ‘chicken and dressing’.

I walked over to the snakes circle and stood there ~ for its reaction. It then bites and makes a hole in my leg in which it goes inside. It then slithers through my body (waist and legs) with searing pain. It then finds its way out of the same hole and then just pure relief. Then i wake up.

It can also refer to your giving up responsibility for the direction your life is going. At a bus stop could be a metaphor for ~ for something to happen in your life, rather than taking charge of it (however, ...

I have it at least three times a week. I never schedule another flight, and I always end up alone in the terminal after I miss my flight. No one works there, no one else is ~ for any more planes, as if all the flights have left for good.

If you think the floors need sweeping, and you from some causeneglect them, there will be distresses and bitter disappointmentsa~ you in the approaching days.
To servants, sweeping is a sign of disagreements and suspicionof the intentions of others.

If you are planning a big project at work, working to advance in your career, in the early stages of pregnancy, or building a home, you may dream of bread. It takes time and effort to achieve all these dreams and the bread may be reminding you that by ~ for something, ...

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