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Walking on water
Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
Walking on water in a dream represents one's strong faith, certitude and trust in God Almighty. This is particularly true if while waking one also speaks words of wisdom.

jaywalking dream symbol
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Dreaming that you're jaywalking can represent: ...

Walking is much more of a discovery-oriented journey than driving, flying, or other modes of transit. When walking, you are forced to experience your environment in much more detail since you are moving through it so slowly.

Dreaming that you're jaywalking can represent:
Taking a shortcut get something you want or to avoid something you don't want
Cutting a process short ...

Seeing a walking stick in your dream indicates that you are jumping commitments too quickly and will suffer as a result. Seeing yourself using a walking stick in your dream means your dependence on others for advice.
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Sleepwalking Disorder
Sleepwalking disorder (somnambulism) refers to engaging in activities that are normally associated with wakefulness (such as eating or dressing), which may include ~, without the conscious knowledge of the doing, or having done so.

Sleep ~
Sleepwalking also known as somnambulism is a sleep disorder that is categorized with the parasomina family.

Dream "~ on the field"
Dream Interpretation Miss Hasse
ocvoboditcya Od zavicimocti and be dovolnym and cchactlivym.

You're ~ on the ceiling and everyone else is ~ on the wall. You are looking at things from a different perspective from everyone else around you.

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To dream that you are ~ with ease, represents the way you are moving through life and progress toward your goals. Consider your destination. To dream that you have difficulties ~, indicates that you are reluctant and hesitant in proceeding forward in some situation.

~-peace, tranquility, contentment in life. If two peo­ple are ~ together in a dream it symbolizes complete agreement, Amos 3:3
~ stick-symbolic of power or old age, Zech. 8:4 ...

To dream of ~ represents slow and steady progress in a life situation. Consider the destination and surroundings for additional meaning.
To dream of ~ on a sidewalk reflects your confidence and steady progress. You're "knowing it" as you proceed with something.

There are many ways that you move forward in life. Transportation Vehicles and shoes can reveal your motivation or sense of empowerment in moving forward.

~ stick
To see a ~ stick in a dream, foretells you will enter into contracts without proper deliberation, and will consequently suffer reverses. If you use one in ~, you will be dependent upon the advice of others.

~: To dream of ~ through rough brier, entangled paths, denotes that youwill be much distressed over your business complications, and disagreeablemisunderstandings will produce coldness and indifference.
To walk in pleasant places, you will be the possessor of fortune and favor.

Dream interpretation - ~
If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business. If... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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If you dream you are taking a walk through pleasant surroundings then you will enjoy success in love and business.

~ upstairs can be about activating your spiritual side or your intellect. Again to tell which, you need to look at the other symbols in the same dream.
Urinate ...

~, going trough the cemetery (graveyard, churchyard) with the wedding dress - This dream is a bad omen that you can lose our partner and the one you love. Not only by death but also your relation is in danger.

~. Patience, steady progress, or consistency.
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~: Progress; living in the Spirit; living in sin; the conduct of the dreamer or their lifestyle and actions. (Gal. 5: 16-25; Eph. 4: 17; 1 John 1: 6-7; 2 Cor. 5: 7)
Difficult ~: Trials; opposition.

During the course of a normal night of sleep, the human brain switches between deep and light sleep, and dreaming sleep (REM), several times. Confusional arousals occur when the brain becomes divided, literally, between sleeping and waking.

~ in armor is difficult, and a dream that you are ~ or trying to walk while wearing armor can be a message that you are being too rigid in your thinking. Alternatively, it can be a message that you are being too indecisive and need to be more resolute.

~ ~ Stick Wallet Walls Walnut Waltz Want War Wardrobe Warehouse Warrant Warts Wash-bowl Washboard Washer Woman Celery Cancer Waves Mat Laurel
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~ a good, sound plank, is a good omen, but a person will have to be unusually careful in conduct after such a dream.
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~ Stick
To see a ~ stick in your dream, indicates that you are jumping commitments too quickly and will suffer as a result.
To see yourself using a ~ stick in your dream, signifies your dependence on others for advice.

~ or running without running shoes shows that you will come across a situation that is trouble, although using footwear in your dream ensures that you're a powerful individual. Sneakers mean that you feel you are in somebody else's shoes.
In your dream you may have.

~ on a carpet can meant that you are feeling calm in waking life.
If you are beating a carpet, you could be expecting important news.
Carriage ...

~ past the church: Not entering into contact with the best in us - or our rejection of dogma or what religion means to you.
What was my actual response to the abbey, and what part does that response play in my life?

~ along a sandy beach with my mom and sister having a really good time.

~ sticks, wands, daggers, and swords, have all been used
for channeling magic energy.
stone: Representing rigidity, emotional coldness; essence; ...

I am ~ down my street and everything is fine, but when I look behind me, there are these 2 creatures or spirits chasing me. (I have no clue what they were.) So naturally I start to run real fast to try to get away. However when I look behind me again they are catching up.

Elks ~ around freely either symbolize changes to the better in your life, or that others find you attractive. To shoot an elk mean you can get family problems. A calf symbolizes luck.
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He was ~ towards me and then passed by me in the direction of the sea. I knew that He wanted me to follow Him. So I follow him into the sea, until I was in the water just above my waist. There was a pitch black pillar that was standing out of the sea (it was like a Egyptian obelisk).

heal ~ a lot; feeling run down; someone not following orders; a return to health. (See heel) Who's the heel?
health health issues; drinking to your health; doing what's good for you. What health challenge are you facing now that your dream could be helping you with?

~ through fields of fragrant clover is a propitious dream. It brings all objects desired into the reach of the dreamer. Fine crops is portended for the farmer and wealth for the young. Blasted fields of clover brings harrowing and regretful sighs.

To dream of ~ upon well-kept lawns, denotes occasions for joy and great prosperity. To join a merry party upon a lawn, denotes many secular amusements, and business engagements will be successfully carried on.

To dream of ~ in a churchyard, if in winter, could denote that you are to have a long and bitter struggle with poverty, and you will reside far from the home of your childhood, and friends will be separated from you; but if you see the signs of springtime, ...

To dream of ~ through marshy places, interpret illness resulting from overwork and worry. You will suffer much displeasure from the unwise conduct of a near relative.
To dream of martyrs, interpret that false friends, domestic unhappiness and losses in affairs which concern you most.

To dream of ~ through a well-kept park, denotes enjoyable leisure. If you walk with your lover, you will be comfortably and happily married. Ill-kept parks, devoid of green grasses and foliage, is ominous of unexpected reverses.

To dream of ~ through a park, denotes enjoyable leisure. If you walk with your lover, then you will be happily married to him/her.
Party ...

To dream of ~ along the beach signifies good health.
Book Store
To visit a book store in your dream, denotes that your literary aspirations will interfere with your works.

To dream of ~ with one's lover through a garden where flowering shrubs
and plants abound, indicates unalloyed happiness and independent means.

Speaking of ~ a life of sin (thus giving the enemy license in your life):
Proverbs 4:14 "Enter not into the path of the wicked, and do not walk in the way of evil [men]." (GMR)
In reference to giving license to the enemy: ...

To dream of ~ on stilts, denotes that your fortune is in an insecure condition.
To fall from them, or feel them break beneath you, you will be precipitated into embarrassments by trusting your affairs to the care of others.
Sting ...

To see others ~ in mud, ugly rumors will reach you of some friend or employee. To the farmer, this dream is significant of short crops and unsatisfactory gains from stock.

To dream about ~ on a boardwalk and looking out toward the ocean indicates unknown and major changes that are occurring in your life. Consider the state of the ocean in your dream, whether it was calm, pleasant, forbidding, etc. - this will give you a sense of the changes that are coming.

~ If you dream of ~ rapidly in your dream, you will come to possess a much desired object. To walk in pleasant places means you will be the possessor of fortune and favor. To dream of ~ in the night brings bad luck and times when your feelings are not reciprocated.

~ on an icy road reminded the dreamer of his back back which was making him walk in an awkward way. The dream was about the effects of his bad back.
Example dream : An icy freeze across Europe was a premonition of World War One .

If you think of ~ a labyrinth (Christian monks have been known to do this), you begin at the center. Metaphysically speaking, this would be the seat of the soul - the Source of cosmic inception.

Creating stage. ~ to inner reality. Impossible desires. Emotional sorrow.
Work on energy and power. Looking for the desired destination.

see also Swim ~ Cane that which provides aid and assistance (especially in a physical way) but which can be used either as mere "show" or as genuine and understood help (i.e., some people carry a cane only for show) Cayce (137-63, A-4). Wall 1.

Stepstop list
~ up; You have a solution to a troubling situation. ~ down; You could witness an unhappy situation. Falling down; Take heed in your business affairs, as they could be threatened.
Sunrisetop list
Cleaning of consciousness; awakening. New beginning ...

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To dream of ~ on graves, predicts an early death or an unfortunate marriage. If you look into an empty grave, it denotes disappointment and loss of friends.

My dream is of my mother ~ towards me, ~ by & as she passes she turns her head as she passes until she is looking over her shoulder as she walks away. As she is ~ towards me she is the youngest I can remember her, and I have very early memory when I'm about 3 years old.

The falling may occur during the dream while ~ down a street or sidewalk. One small step and suddenly you are falling, not quickly hitting the ground, but rather falling as if you are freefalling through the air.

Are you ~ through it leisurely, taking in the sights and sounds? If so, it may indicate that you’re enjoying life’s bounty at the moment.Who are you in the garden with? Are you enjoying a prosperous and joyous time with this person/people?

If you are "~ around like a zombie," it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you. You may be experiencing unhealthy detachment and are unable to appropriately feel positive or negative emotions.

We're ~ around a Mc Donald's, when we find a door that says "Employees Only" or something to that extent (I can never read words in my dreams). We go through and walk onto a huge balcony, like you'd see inside a large mansion's entryway, but with no stairs leading down.

Gate Seeing or passing through a gate in your dream, suggests that you are ~ through a new phase of life. It also represents new opportunities and possibilities. Seeing a closed gate in your dream means your inability to overcome current difficulties.

To dream that you are ~ through an alley implies that you have chosen the easy way to a destination or have walked down the wrong path towards a goal. It may also suggest that you will lose a revered status in some aspect of your life
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If you are ~ down the street in your dream and everyone is smiling at you, and you see the number 1 on signs and in windows, it's a sign that you feel like #1. If you get a ticket at a deli counter and it's #1, you're next! It's a sign of doing well, of success.

If you dream you are ~. moving, or traveling backward in your dream - or slipping backwards - you feel you are covering old ground in some situation in your life. You may be slipping into old patterns of behavior, thinking, or emotional response.

Clothing that doesn't fit - ~ in something you're not called to
Tattered Clothing - mantle or anointing that's not being taken care of ...

Viewing many feet ~ on the street indicates financial reverses.
3. Cold feet symbolize fears and worries about a particular course of action which the dreamer may have been planning to take - as in the metaphor "getting cold feet.

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I dreamed that my leg was amputated and I tried to hide it with high boots. But everybody knew, looked at me differently and felt sorry for me. I was ~ ( it was hard to walk with the condition of my leg) and ran into a friend, started crying and he said stop crying and hugged me.

A dream where you are ascending represents a sense of awareness. To move upwards in a dream, for example by ~ up a stair case, represents better awareness and freedom.

Physical water is essential to life. In the language of mind, water symbolizes the experience in the physical level of consciousness. These are the everyday, ~ interactions, situations, and circumstances that arise bringing opportunities for enrichment.

way about in a dark room or building this is an omen that you do not have enough information about a person, place, or thing to make a clear decision. If you find the light switch, you will meet with success after acquiring understanding. A lost article will be found if you dream you were ~ in ...

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