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Dream Dictionary
To dream of waves, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation, which will evolve much knowledge if the waves are clear; but you will make a fatal error if you see them muddy or lashed by a storm.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
(Swells) In a dream, waves means coming adversities, sufferings and punishment for one's sins..

When the waves wash over you and threaten to drown you, this tells me that you often feel suddenly overcome with emotion, and cannot reason calmly at those times. You hold out as long as you can, but it's no use.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
The waves in dreams may represent emotional fluctuations. If you are currently experiencing a period of tranquillity and peace, you may be dreaming about calm waters and gentle ocean waves.

Waves usually indicate difficulties in life. For example, sailing a boat that is getting knocked by waves. The boat trip represents your life journey and the waves are symbolic of events or emotions that are causing ups and downs in your life.

To dream of ~ signals that you hold some vital step in contemplation which will evolve much knowledge.
Weapons like machine guns or other firearms are signals of over dominant aggressive tendencies. In dreams these weapons are seen as sexual symbols..

~-tumultuous people or a stormy period in your life, Ps. 65:7, Jer. 51:42. ~ are also symbolic of false doctrine, trickery, and deceit, Eph. 4:14. A wave may also be symbolic of a move of the Holy Spirit
Wax-symbolic of a faint heart, Ps 22:14 ...

To see clear, calm ~ in your dream, signifies a calming of emotions. It may also signal an important decision to be made. To hear ~ crashing in your dream, indicates tenderness and relaxation. It also brings about feelings of sensuality and sexuality.

To dream of ~, is a sign that you hold some vital step in contemplation, which will evolve much knowledge if the ~ are clear; but you will make a fatal error if you see them muddy or lashed by a storm.
See Ocean and Sea.

To dream of seeing ~ in the water represents emotional turbulence, growing uncertainty, or a negative situation that feels like it may get out of hand. You are experiencing instability and may need to reach out to someone.

Regular ~, one right after another, could represent consistency, reliability, or predictibility.
One huge wave could represent overwhelm or a challenge in your life. Turbulent ~ might represent chaos or loss of control due to external forces in your life.

Theta~ could be very important to sleep and may give a hint to the meaning of dreams. These were discovered in the 1960's by Jon Winson. Theta~ are a brainwave which only emerge during sleep. During the day thoughts are stored in short term memory banks.

If you saw ~, storm and lots of water around, heard unpleasant sound of breaking ~ - you will face uncomfortable situations in the future, which you will find hard to deal with. Consider that your health might be at risk as well.

Example dream : ~ which were very intense linked to the dreamers fears about visiting an amusement park the next day and going on rides which would scare her. So the intense ~ were symbolic of something which was scaring her which she wanted to avoid doing the next day.

There is nothing that is beyond the reach of trees. Nothing. All of life is touched by tree- branch-hands, or tree-root-feet. Druids knew this intimately. They could feel ~ of life radiating from trees, and understood their connection was infinite.

To dream of tidal waves hitting the seashore foretells that you will be appreciated for your work, and you will be lucky in love. If you dream of tidal waves, the sign is that a difficult period will follow for you, and you will have to fight and win. Your life will be disturbed.

She has an instinctive sensitive animal kind, magical powers and symbolizes the deification of the wind and the ~. Appears in the images of the gods of fertility and Vanir. It may bounce devil, and then it becomes a phallic. If the rider - Wild Hunter and Earl King, it means death.

argument, assert the contrary, awake a doubt, bandy words, battle, be contrary to, be diffident, be doubtful, be dubious, be skeptical, be uncertain, beat against, beat up against, belie, bicker, bicker over, bickering, bout, box, brawl, breast the wave, broil, brush, buck, buffet, buffet the ~, ...

To understand dreams of this nature, it can help to start by understanding what water and the sea mean to us in dreams (see 'Dream Meanings: Water' post.) If we look at water in our dreams as a symbol of our emotions and feelings, part of our inner world, then tidal waves can be like our emotions ...

During times of emotional turmoil, it’s common to see tidal waves and/or rough seas in a dream. If life is smooth sailing, you’re likely to see still waters. If we replace the word water with the word emotion, it speaks volumes.

They were saying, the one to the other, "what would happen when the ~ from the sea and rocks of the sea crash upon the island.

To be far out on the ocean, and hear the ~ lash the ship, forebodes disaster in business life, and quarrels and stormy periods in the household.
To be on shore and see the ~ of the ocean foaming against each other, foretells your narrow escape from injury and the designs of enemies.

Due to its association with water, a tsunami (tidal waves) is a common dreams symbol representing disturbing feelings and awarenesses that threaten to "overwhelm" the dreamer. These fears usually are specific, rather than global.

If you dream you are standing on shore and watching the ~ foam up as they break over the beach foretells that you will have some narrow escape from an accidental injury.

Their techniques involved monitoring sleeping subjects' brain ~ and eye movements and then waking them to get an immediate report about their dreams. In another room the telepathic ‘senders' concentrated on target pictures designed to create a particular impression.

If snowbound or lost, there will be constant ~ of ill luck breaking in upon you.
To dream of snuff, signifies your enemies are seducing the confidence of your friends. For a woman to use it in her dreams, foretells complications which will involve her separation from a favored friend.

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Driving Theory Test
How Rational Are You? Survey of Personal Beliefs ...

natasha @ 2009-11-04 10:18:35
i have recurring dreams of huge ~ - tsunami size - coming at me and i have to escape with the people i love, but as the water reaches my feet or is near enough to see the water (clear) i start another dream - usually something silly or stupid.

ham eating high on the hog; communication over the air ~. Who is always 'hamming it up'?
hammer time to repair something; going at it with 'hammer and tongs'; beating something into shape. What are you hammering away at and getting little or no results?

Sailboat - Emotional self; riding the ~ of emotions (water symbolizes unconscious.
Sailor - May represent adventuing into the unconscious (self examination of one's life through reflection and exploring one's life.

An old-time Spanish galleon, well manned and riding the ~, signifies a blessed escape from your troubles if it seen in... Continue dream interpretation - Galleon"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Gallop ...

Life. One of the few universal symbols. An active ocean, teeming with life, with high ~ and crashing surf, implies that life will soon become much busier. A calm ocean: A peaceful life. A stormy sea: Trouble ahead. The need to be prepared.
Astrological parallels: Cancer.

The opposite is to dream of ~ of pleasure moving within us, which gives us a sense of integration within ourselves and with the world.

A lake symbolizes happiness if the water was clear and calm. If the water was dirty or had ~ can this dream mean that you might regret something.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes:
Download app ...

These stages are known as "delta sleep" or "slow wave sleep" because of the very high voltage and slow brain ~. Delta sleep lasts approximately 15-30 minutes and is the "deepest" stage of sleep and the therefore the most restorative.

If your dream featured a catapult, this is a warning that careless gossip could make wider ~ than you suspect. Control your urge to blab, or it will backfire and come back on you threefold.
Caterpillar ...

A dream featuring water symbolizes your emotions. Aggressive movement of water, for example in the form of ~, implies that there is some chaos in your life or you are ..Read more →

By its action, it can raise awareness or disturb tranquility. It suggests that something is making ~ ripples [.]
More on the meaning of "Oar, Oars" in my dream
Ocean ...

~, death, fighting, friends, etc. I really recommend you buy the book I recommended when I wrote this article, and which you can currently find in the very first Advert block to the right below the header picture to this hub. It is only $5.

Distant sounds can be beautiful and frustrating. In dreaming, they may just be rounding out the scene in the suconscious. For example, dreams of beaches or boats may include requisite sounds effects such as ~, fog horns, or birds.

Large ~ can also represent untapped powers, strong emotions, or the unconscious. Catching a large fish in the ocean can suggest opportunity or that you are delving into the wealth of your unconscious. To be lost at sea may mean you need direction.

The parts of your brain that is active when you sleepwalk are the ones that control your walking and speech. Sleep walking usually occurs in NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement) this is when your brain ~ are not that busy and slowed down.

To dream of snowballing, denotes that you will have to strugglewith dishonorable issues, and if your judgment is not well grounded,you will suffer defeat.
If snowbound or lost, there will be constant ~ of ill luck breakingin upon you.

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