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To dream that you are waving to someone, signifies your connection to that person. Perhaps you are seeking some sort of recognition from him or her. You need to incorporate certain aspects of that person into your own self.

Waving in the wind sail - to go overseas.
Dream Interpretation Birthday May June July August
To dream of a lone white sail - a vain hope.

To dream that you are waving to someone, signifies your connection to that person. You are trying to get their recognition, acknowledgement, or attention. Additionally, you need to incorporate certain aspects of that person into your own self.

As I was watching him do this a snow plow came along and swept him off his feet along with the snow leaving him waving his one free arm in anger. At that point in my dream I said to the person I was talking to, "Did you just see that?".

Example dream : A dream on cliff tops waving at her boyfriend as he blows kisses to her was linked to them breaking up for a while. This was just a temporary split to allow him to sort out his emotions. The cliffs symbolised the difficult times in their relationship. ...

Dreaming that you are ~ good-bye with a handkerchief means your social downfall. You will be disgraced in some way. Dreaming that you lose you handkerchief indicates a separation with your lover.

To dream that you are ~ good-bye with a handkerchief foretells a glitch in your social life. You will be embarrassed or shamed in some way. To dream that you lose a handkerchief signifies a separation from your romantic interest.

I was ~ a wand around with the intent to purify my surroundings and a pure white light filled the room and the objects within as I waved my wand over them.

If you dream of people ~ flags in a crowd, your dream can mean that you feel that you are being pressured to behave in a certain way.
You may also feel that people around you are acting without thinking, or that they are trying too hard to conform.

Most hands are raised and ~ at this point. We've all done it. We've all wanted confirmation at some point. All of us have thought:
"Am I on the right path?"
"Am I making the right decision?"
"What should I do next?" ...

Example: A woman dreamed of seeing a baby ~ at her inside an old-fashioned glass washing machine. In waking life she was pregnant and felt that having a baby was making people notice her personality changing as she prepared for the birth.

wave things will get better; be patient; unresolved issues from the past may be confusing your present-day problems; ~ goodbye; riding the wave; on someone else's wavelength; on a wave of success; letting go of a claim or right; having a heat wave; someone making waves; wave it aside, ...

Corn, cornfield
The cornfield is a symbol of fertility. A ~ cornfield in a dream is an extremely positive signal. It indicates a rich harvest.
Corpse ...

In his dream cannibals were preparing to cook him and they were dancing around the fire ~ their spears. Howe noticed at the head of each spear there was a small hole through the shaft and the up and down motion of the spears and the hole remained with him when he woke.

Wash Washboard Washbowl Wasp Waste Watch Water Water lily Water pump Water tap Waterfall Watermelon Watermill Waves ~ Weak Weapon Weather Weather forecast Weather-beaten Weathercock Weave ...

caz @ 2012-01-21 21:50:04
both myself and niece dreamed the same dream within 24hrs that my sister her mum was sat on a plane ~ away but sobbing ...

Hands that caress the dreamer or someone else in the dream, including a pet, imply happiness in love, while hands that are ~ in farewell indicate temporary separations.

She throws one of the fish at me but it wasn't a whole fish but just the top part. The fishes mouth was wide open. I woke up yelling, "No" and kind of ~ my hands. Then I dreamt about salmon but not the whole fish. There were many that had already been cut and cooked. Just hundreds of them.

Hands Covering Face (or Face in One's Hands) = Shame; laughter; grief; guilt;. (Other self-explanatory uses of hands include: begging; ~ goodbye; prayer (clasped together); calling someone to "come" or to "follow.").

Wearing armature during a duel in a dream means marriage to a rich but deceiving person, for part of the human body is covered during the combat. A duel with swords in a dream means honor. ~ a sword during a duel in a dream means becoming known in one's field.

6 - This subclass covers a wide variety of expressions of friendliness that may be conveyed through either verbal or gestural means.(welcoming, greeting, ~ goodbye, etc.)
7 - Friendliness is felt toward a character but it is not expressed overtly.
See also: Sexuality ...

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