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Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing a whale approaching a ship, denotes that you will have a struggle between duties, and will be threatened with loss of property.

Ancient, grand, wisdom, intuition, or the subconscious. Authentic personal power, integrity, or good will. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Seeing a whale in your dream, represents your intuition and awareness. You are in tuned to your sense of spirituality. Alternatively, it indicates a relationship or business project that is too enormous to handle.
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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of seeing a whale approaching a ship, denotes that you will have a struggle between duties, and will be threatened with loss of property.

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Animals - Dream Dictionary
Dreaming of a whale represents a contact with our unconscious, the underworld and our shadow. Whale is a mammal that lives underwater and needs to surface from time to time.

Association: Power of the unconscious, truth and strength of inner being. Question: What great truth I am prepared to accept? Medicine Wheel: Keywords: ancient, massive, powerful, strong, long-lasting; in harmony with the environment; westerly path souls experience.

Whales, like dolphins, in dreams are associated with the emotional and spiritual wisdom, except on an even larger scale.
orca ...

A whale is a significant dream symbol. It signifies perception and intuition, as well of course significant power and strength. Dreaming of a whale may mean the dreamer has a concern about the size of something. It may also indicate a cry for help, as in 'wail'.

Whale-symbolic of running from God, or being devoured by a large problem, Jon. 1:17
Wheat-symbolic of a true believer, legitimacy, or God’s word, Matt. 13:24
Wheelchair-symbolic of recovery from injury or needing help ...

To dream of seeing a whale approaching a ship, denotes that you will have a struggle between duties, and will be threatened with loss of property.
If the whale is demolished, you will happily decide between right and inclination, and will encounter pleasing successes.

Whale - big impact in the things of the Spirit; going deep in the spirit
Wolf - Satan and evil; false ministries & false teachers; predator ...

To see a whale in your dream, represents your power and strength. It also indicates earth and fortune.
Wolf ...

Since fish are often symbolic of opportunity and how you resurrect your potential by exploring what lies hidden below the unconscious, the whale can symbolize this part of you stirring.

whale stop keeping big things to yourself; relax and have some fun with someone you haven't seen for a long time; crying won't help. What part of yourself do you find lovable and at risk of extinction?

To dream of a whale represents issues in your life that are so powerful or influential that they cancel out all opposition.

Whale. This big creature is a splendid dream omen signifying protective influences around you, and if you saw the flukes of it's tail, freedom from worry will soon be yours.

A dream with a whale symbolizes peace and harmony. The dream may suggest that you need to try to be more joyful and trust your friends and family. It can ..Read more →

To dream of seeing a whale approaching a ship, denotes that you
will have a struggle between duties, and will be threatened
with loss of property.

A whale symbolizes channeling in a dream. A channel is someone who can communicate directly with spirits and Angels. Whales mean this because they are mammals, as are humans, but they live in the ocean.

Whale - A whale may symbolize your mother, or feminity in general. The mother metaphor would indicate a dominant mother or a mother attachment. Being swallowed by a whale would symbolize a descent into the unconscious, where you may find repressed emotions from previous experiences in life.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
For most people, dreaming about whales is a pleasant experience. These huge water dwelling mammals may be symbolic of the connection that exists between the unconscious and conscious mind.

Whales use sonar for orientation in their habitat. Keith can be a symbol of receptivity and intuition. Use intuition and tune in to a variety of situations.

They are related with power and strength. Good times are coming. There is a great truth that you are ready to accept.
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whale: Power of your unconscious. To be swallowed by a whale might suggest being consumed by your shadow self.
wheelchair: "Where do you feel a loss of power?"
widow: Fear about a relationship's break-up. Isolation.

A whale of any sort in your dream is a sign of protection and help and if you see the flukes of his tail you will have much good luck. To dream of an orca, also known as a killer whale, shows the dreamer is not sure of the motives of his/her protector.

A whale of any sort in your dream is a sign of protection and help and if you see the flukes... Continue dream interpretation - Orca"continue dream interpretation
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To see or work with whalebone in your dreams, you still form an alliance which will afford you solid benefit.
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wheat ...

Example dream : attacked and frightened by a whale symbolised the dreamers wish to stay calm which continually stressed the dreamer out. He became stressed out by the need to stay calm.

The pet whale might represent something pure and endangered and beautiful or whatever you think of when you think of whales. Water usually represents spirituality in dreams. The playful, loving whale might represent that part of yourself that is also spiritual.

To swim with animals such as dolphins or whales it means that times area changing. Any dream that involves animals in a swimming pool indicates that you have heaps of energy, which sometimes swallows everything up.

EXAMPLE DREAM I had a dream of 6 killer whales in a Sea World type aquarium setting. Two whales were adults, 4 were babies. The two were up on the "stage" with their babies and they were very proud of them. I was able to reach over and pet them all.

I believe all dreams are part of a learning process, but unfortunately it is blocked in its progress as the symbolic or allegorical level. It is much like the way we often try to understand the meaning of the bible, we often fail to see it as an allegory with a hidden meaning.

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While many dream symbols are pretty universal, like lion = strength, rabbit = quick and whale = big, other dream symbols can be VERY personal. One person might see a dog and think "love" because their best friend growing up was a faithful, loyal dog.

Bats........20 hours
Lions........13.5 hours
Laboratory rats..13 hours
Domestics cats...12.5 hours
Baboons.......9.5 hours
Humans......8 hours
Pilot whales....5.5 hours
Asian elephants..3 hours
Roe deer.......3 hours
Giraffes.......2 hours ...

From a Freudian perspective this may show that the person is motivated by an unconscious desire to return to the security of the womb. Escaping from the whale may show leaving the mother, the source of life, behind him yet experiencing a rebirth.

They represent positive messages from our unconscious minds. Dolphins could also represent a positive connection between our consciousness and to those parts of the psyche that is a mystery and largely unconscious. See also: Water, Whale ...

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