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To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion.

Window washer or dirty windows can mean that you feel someone (perhaps you) needs to adjust their attitude in terms of the way they are viewing or interacting with the world around them.
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Windows often show a world that is possible, but not being directly experienced. The windows can be tricky, because they can reveal something we cannot experience directly. This can infer frustration, protection, or illusion in the dream.

Seeing windows in your dream means bright hopes, vast possibilities and insight. Dreaming that you are looking out the window means your outlook on life, your consciousness, point of view, awareness, and intuition.

Windows give you a view from a house and as such can represent your eyes, your viewpoint or your outlook in a dream.

I was in a plane it suddenly started to go down I looked out the cockpit window and saw that we were headed for a tree, the plane guided right missing the tree and landed safely and softly in the grass.

A window in a dream represents a desire to see what's on the other side, often the future, but it can be the present or past. Peering through a window in a dream represents a desire to understand one's situation better.

1. A general symbol for the need to see through something that is clouding the dreamer's life.
2. A broken window hints at a change in the dreamer's living circumstances.
3. The state or type of the window is an important clue.

Window, Windows
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Consciousness, awareness, intuition. Looking out a window suggests the opportunity or need for a new view. Looking in may reflect your inner view.

To dream of a window foretells an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. Most of your wishes go unaccomplished.
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Looking through a window represents insight and attitude towards life. What you see out the window - whether it's a positive or negative view - suggests how optimistic or pessimistic you are in general.

Windows - vision; letting light in, spiritual sight, opportunity (as in an 'open window of opportunity')
Zoo - strange; chaos; commotion; very busy place; noisy strife ...

Window-symbolic of vision, insight, or a person’s eyes, Eccl. 12:3
Wine-a symbol of Christ’s blood and the forgiveness of sins, Matt. 26:28
Winged women-symbolic of a class of angelic being, Zech. 5:9 ...

Windows of the car
Windows of the car represents the view to the world, people and surroundings the individual has. Through the windows we can have a look towards things we are surrounded by.

To see windows in your dream, signifies bright hopes, possibilities and insight.
To see closed windows signifies desertion.

Windows are associated with the ability to see clearly. If you are cleaning the window, you are increasing your awareness or ability to see something.

window look out; be watchful; the eyes are the window of the soul and so are your dreams; open your eyes to what is in front of you; stop hiding behind a facade; something transparent to you; working on your computer too much lately.

Windows - dreamer is being watched or watching someone else
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Window Washer
Dream dictionary definition for window washer: To dream of a window washer represents clearing or cleansing the way in which you look at the world or others.

To see windows in your dreams, is an augury of fateful culmination to bright hopes. You will see your fairest wish go down in despair. Fruitless endeavors will be your portion.

Window Washer
To see a window washer in your dream represents clarification of issues, new objectivity into a situation, and insight or new perspectives gained. TOP
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A window is a rich dream symbol. Its accurate interpretation can lead to awareness and a better understanding of a personal outlook on life.

A dream featuring a window symbolizes your outlook on life or your self perception. A dream where you are peeking out of a window suggests that you are more of ..Read more →

Rose Windows:
Gothic circular windows, shaped like a rose - mostly seen in stained glass in cathedrals. Designed by Chartres, a master craftsman, this stained glass was made from a secret recipe using antimony.

A point to focus upon a particular subject.
Peaceful: Coexistence with a threatening situation. On the prowl: Warning to be alert for treachery or loss.

Opening. Opportunity. Feelings of being watched. Need for privacy.
Wine ...

window: What you are willing to see and allow others to see.
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howling: Wounded feelings. What has hurt you?

A window grill or other decorative grillwork featured in your dream suggests you are contemplating a back-street affair; think it over... Continue dream interpretation - Grill"continue dream interpretation
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A glass window is something that is itself difficult to see, but that acts as a barrier, preventing you from reaching the things beyond that transparent barrier that you can't see.

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To break a window, signifies bereavement. To see a broken ring order will be displaced by furious and dangerous uprisings, such as jealous contentions often cause.
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To see a store window full of goods which the dreamer cannot afford, will often signify the dreamer's feelings of inadequacy in achieving greater things. If the dreamer is buying from the store this indicates a positive attitude.

Dream Symbols: window fan, crabs, #2, FALLING ASLEEP within a dream, Family of ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES coming into your HOUSE, wishful thinking type dream.

If you put in a window-pane with putty, you will seek fortune with poor results.
To dream of pyramids, interpret that many changes will come to you.

Prior to actual wedding: To be expected.
window - A point to focus upon a particular subject.
wolf - Peaceful: Coexistence with a threatening situation. On the prowl: Warning to be alert for treachery or loss.

The eyes are the window to the world, and the window to the soul. It's no wonder that eyes become very potent dream symbols.

I was standing by a window wondering if I should enter a shallow pool, when a yellow snake appeared in the water, started moving back and forth would suddenly turn into a yellow colored toy, and again turn back into a snake.

Example dream : Fighting a burglar linked to the dreamer having to open windows at night because of the heat. He feared burglars and so he was worried about the possible consequences of him keeping his windows open.

beach with a friend a best friend at that every thing was ok you kno we went out to bars drank smoked pot but then we were against each other like almost fighting thats not the most part tho then we went to our hotel and i was looking out the window ...

I was asleep in a room, and he came to the window and knocked on it at night. I opened the window and asked him what he was doing. He asked me to come outside so I climbed through the window and as I jumped down, I felt something go into my foot..

family Jeep(car) parked a few meters from us and suddenly a big aggressive dog walked into the compound and went right to the car and tried to open the door by the drivers side but the door was locked, then it started hitting its pawns on the window ...

To break glass dishes, or windows, foretells the unfavorable termination to enterprises. To receive cut glass, denotes that you will be admired for your brilliancy and talent.

Amongst them are windows that allow sunshine into our homes, drinking glasses, seeing glasses, etc. Glass makes our lives more comfortable and we rarely, if ever give it any thought.

To be sitting in the house and see through the window a downpour of rain, could denote that you will possess fortune, and passionate love will be requited.
To hear the patter of rain on the roof, could denote a realization of domestic bliss and joy.

Smoke poured out the windows and I looked into the smoke. I saw young men like angels. They chose to stay in the smoke and were throwing chairs out the windows about 20 at a time.

Craig Hamilton-Parker, medium and author of Remembering Your Dreams, and Dream Dictionary, says some dreams may even be 'windows' into past lives. 'Nobody knows for certain why we dream but we all dream every night.

If you dream of sitting at a window and watching a storm with blowing rain it is a sign that you will be blessed with true love in your present relationship.

To dream that you let a rope down from an upper window to people below,
thinking the proprietors would be adverse to receiving them into the hotel,
denotes that you will engage in some affair which will not look exactly ...

To see yourself climbing the side of a house in some mysterious way in a dream, and to have a window suddenly open to let you in, foretells that you will make or have made extraordinary ventures against the approbation of friends, ...

To dream that you are unable to roll up the windows of your station wagon, represents your anxieties about being able to protect and provide for your family.

To dream that you are unable to roll up the windows of your car, suggests that you are showing some hesitation and reservation about the direction that you are taking in life or the path that you have chosen.
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Anything closed, such as a window, door, gate, fence, or wall, constitutes an obstacle dream, and its significance is in accord with how you dealt with it.
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Dreaming that you are watching the rain from a window indicates that spiritual ideas and insights are being brought to you awareness. It may also symbolize fortune and love.

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To see large, white snowflakes falling while looking through a window,foretells that you will have an angry interview with your sweetheart,and the estrangement will be aggravated by financial depression.

Joshua 2:18 "Look, [when] we come into the land, you must bind this line of scarlet thread in the window which you let us down by: and you must bring your father, and your mother, and your brothers, and all your father's household, home to you.

To dream that you are watching the rain from a window represents spiritual thoughts and points of view that are being brought to your consciousness. It may also denote wealth and love.

Man, by hiding in a cave, or closing the windows and doors of his house, may shut out all physical light; so he may steep his soul in sensual debauchery until all spiritual light is shut out.

You are the one who chooses to open up the window in your brain that allows you to go to the past present and future! At dreamdictionary.org you can use our free dream dictionary that interprets your dream symbols above.

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