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To dream of a wine-glass, foretells that a disappointment will affect you seriously, as you will fail to see anything pleasing until shocked into the realization of trouble.

Wine barrels, especially those made of oak, have long been used as containers in which wine is aged. Aging in oak typically imparts desirable vanilla, butter and spice flavors to wine.

Seeing a wine glass in your dream, symbolizes trouble and shocking disappointments.
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To see barrels of wine, prognosticates great luxury. To pour it from one vessel into another, signifies that your enjoyments will be varied and you will journey to many notable places.
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I was in a game room I think with a bar full of wine glasses with one other lady. I don't know who she was but there seemed to be some hostility between us. Something happened, some words were said, and we started throwing wine glasses at each other.

Dream interpretation - Wine-glass
To dream of a wine-glass, foretells that a disappointment will affect you seriously, as you will fail to see anything pleasing...

To dream of drinking wine, forebodes joy and consequent friendships.
To dream of breaking bottles of wine, foretells that your love and passion will border on excess.

Health, happiness and prosperity are predicted in a dream featuring wine. But if it was being drunk from the bottle, it could be a warning that you should take extra precautions to avoid revealing a secret--or having one revealed.

Wine- See colors
Wiring - Nervous system
Woman - Female aspect of dreamer, emotions, mother, self (if female dreamer), that particular woman (if known to the dreamer). In this case is the woman playing a positive or negative role.

Wine - Positive: working of the Spirit of God; move of God; Negative: drunkenness; love of the world ...

Wine-a symbol of Christ’s blood and the forgiveness of sins, Matt. 26:28
Winged women-symbolic of a class of angelic being, Zech. 5:9 ...

If you dream of drinking wine, a great and positive change will take place in your life.
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Dreaming of wine can show escapist tendencies or your desire to relax if you are feeling overwhelmed. It can be a play on words to suggest that you are 'whining' or seeing everything from the perspective of a glass half empty.

wine in mythology the nectar of the gods; a change in spiritual direction; change of heart; something to be transformed; experiencing an altered state of awareness; feeling sorry for yourself; a religious experience. Who is the whiner, or wino?

To dream of drinking wine, symbolizes joy surrounded by good friends. To dream that you are breaking wine bottles, signifies overindulgence in your desires and passion.

To dream of wine represents situations where you are celebratory, satisfied with what you have already achieved, or relaxing with a sense of completion. You feel like there isn't much more to do and are very comfortable with it.

Alter wine :
Alter wine symbolizes your spiritual life.
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Celebration. Pleasure. Looking for a more carefree attitude.
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Wine - Red wine often symbolizes the blood of your spiritual life. Red wine may symbolize either passion or {a more satisfying} life.

To dream of drinking wine, refers to festivity, celebration, and companionship.
To dream that you are breaking wine bottles, signifies overindulgence in your desires and passion.

- The wine of youth does not always clear with advancing years; sometimes it grows turbid.

Drinking wine is associated with religious rituals, such as the Christian mass and the ancient Greek Bacchanalia, so if you drink wine in a dream it can mean that you are moving to a new level of spirituality.

If drunk on wine, you will be fortunate in trade and love-making, and will scale exalted heights in literary pursuits. This dream is always the bearer of aesthetic experiences.

If you drink wine from a jug, you will enjoy robust health and find pleasure in all circles. Optimistic views will possess you.
To take an unpleasant drink from a jug, disappointment and disgust will follow pleasant anticipations.
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If water is murky, one is unsure of one's own feelings. If fish in the water, abundance and creativity.
Weapons - be on guard.
Whiskey - a happy and active life.
Wine - a happy old age.
Worms - put small worries aside.

Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Liquor)
1. Dreaming of drinking beer, wine, etc., in moderation, under happy circumstances - with friends, at a party, etc. - indicates that success lies ahead.

To see barrels of wine, signifies luxury.
To dream that you are breaking bottles of wine, signifies overindulgence in your love and passion.
Yam ...

Example dream : A small glass of wine in a dream linked to the dreamer knowing his employers had a slightly relaxed attitude but knowing that they had a strict schedule and needed to be informed if he was ill and or how long.

Though descriptions of the Last Supper of Jesus speak of a cup in which Jesus poured wine and offered it as his own blood and that they should drink it in remembrance, the famous painting by Leonardo DaVinci shows no cup on the table, only a plate, ...

When I was in college, I read in a theology book that a monk on a mountain top and a man with his bottle of wine are really trying to get to the same place.

If you dream that there is neither bread nor wine for the supper, you will find that you have suffered your ideas to be proselytized in vain, as you are no nearer your goal.

David, while intoxicated with the wine of love, from languishing in the seductive embrace of the beautiful bathing nymph, Bathsheba, heard the voice of Nathan.

You'll be lucky if you dreamed of cobwebs in an acceptable place such as a wine cellar, attic etc; but if they were where they shouldn't be, for example on clothes, furniture, or books, they predict difficulties through secretly hostile competition; ...

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A dream of drinking water from a clear fountain or of drinking milk or wine symbolizes happiness and good health.
If you drink water that is dirty or muddy, you could be getting too involved in matters that don't concern you.

To dream of yourself, together with many gaily-attired guests, eating from costly plate and drinking wine of fabulous price and age, foretells enormous gain in enterprises of every nature, and happiness among friends.

Song of Solomon 4:10 "How beautiful is your love, my beloved, [my] bride! how much better is your love than wine! and the fragrance of your perfume than all spices!" (GMR)
Speaking of our sacrifice being a sweet smell to the Lord: ...

Think of a beautiful, roaring fire in a fireplace, while you and your loved one clink wine glasses. Think of a family toasting marshmallows around a campfire. In these situations, a fire can indicate a sense of happiness, of security and comfort.

Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, offered Apples to woo Aphrodite and win her love. Split apart, the Apple conjures an image of vulva, signifying feminine love and beauty. In China the Apple stands for peace and its blossom for adoration.

She ran as if she had done something wrong, and the dogs chased and stopped her. I went to her. She explained something about me having drunk wine with her, and this had caused this reaction, as if she were on a hallucinogenic drug.

For a woman to break or see them broken, omens her
pleasure and good fortune will be marred by a sudden trouble.
To drink wine from one, foretells fortune and pleasure will be
combined in the near future.

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