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Medicine Wheel:
Keywords: Water, healing; prophesy; astringent.
Description: The Virginian witch hazel or the magic hazel contributes the botanical name Hamamelis virginian. It is either a shrub or a small tree that sufficiently thrives in damp forest areas.

Dreaming that a witch is after you can mean you're feeling victimized or manipulated somehow.
Someone accusing you of being a witch can mean you're feeling falsely blamed, or afraid you will be.
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Witches have often been seen as evil, destructive, deceptive women, so a witch in a dream can represent the destructive, deceptive side of femininity. Dreaming about a witch can mean that you are using emotion in order to deceive others, or that someone else is using emotion in a deceptive way.

Witch / Warlock
Encountering persons with supernatural powers, or becoming those persons ourselves, is a common dream image. In the case of occult power dreams, there may be unique elements of personal projection of will power by you upon others or by others against you.

Seeing a witch in your dream, represents evil, destructive, and dangerous feminine forces. It may point to your negative ideas of the feminine and your experiences with heartless women. Alternatively, a witch is symbolic of goodness, power and enchantment.
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Quick Decode: Spellbinding; potions; magic
Popular Expressions: Stirring the pot; play havoc; cross palm with silver ...

If you are lucid, you can do a reality check to see if you are dreaming, just turn on the lightswitch, if the light doesn't work, then you must be dreaming. It is possible to see things that don't look normal in your room after a false awaking. I hope I have helped you.

1. If the dreamer is a woman, dreaming of a ~ could represent her own senex, or that part of her psyche that is older and wiser. Thus any message that she receives from the ~ is important, and should be written down immediately upon awakening.

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
The ~ in your dream could represent evil and ugliness or something more desirable such as enchantment.

A ~ in a dream represents someone in waking life who you feel is dangerous, evil, mean, powerful and/or manipulative.
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In a dream, the ~ appears as a negative mother-symbol. She embodies the bewitching, threatening and destructive aspects of womanhood.
To dream of a wolf shows that you have a thieving person in your employ who is on the prowl to betray you.

To dream of ~es, denotes that you, with others, will seek adventures which will afford hilarious enjoyment, but it will eventually rebound to your mortification. Business will suffer prostration if ~es advance upon you, home affairs may be disappointing.
Witness ...

To see a ~ in your dream, represents evil, power or hilarious enjoyment. You are seeking for adventures in your life.
To dream that you are a ~ indicates your jealousy over someone.

~-symbolic of a person involved with the Occult, Deut. 18:10
Withered-a symbol of a curse or a dying person, Ps. 37:35-36
Wolf-symbolic of a vicious person or a spiritual enemy, Ezek. 22:27, Matt. 10:16 ...

~: Rebellion; slander; non-submissive wife, lust for power and authority; church member, or employee; controlling spirit type of Jezebel, both in a male or a female; seduction; worldly church; forbidden. (1 Samuel 15: 23; 2 Kings 9: 22; 2 Chron. 33: 6; Gal. 3: 1; 5: 20; Du. 18: 9-14; Ex.

A ~ appearing in a dream represents unintegrated feminine traits of feelings, sensitivity and intuition that is not allowed natural expression. As a Homonym, the ~ can also represent choices you are not recognizing as in "which.

~ magic; coincidental; amazing event; blaming; difficulty making a decision; the ~ing hour; having secret knowledge. What is magical and unconventional in your life?

~ - intuitive woman who is subjective in judgment and therefore loses her discernment.
Kindly Father - conventional kindly father figure who is capable of looking after the child within us, but equally of being firm and fair.

~. These haggy characters in your dream indicate gay social times ahead, but if you're involved in a love affair, they are a symbol of disenchantment.
Wizard. Hidden forces are working for you if your dream featured one of these "abracadabra" types.

A dream with a ~ can imply that you are feeling misunderstood in some part of your life, or you believe in superstition. It could also suggest that your are putting ..Read more →

~ - ~es are priestesses of Earth Mother and they are poularly seen as malevolent {wishing evil or harm to others}.

~craft: Fear of the manipulation of reality or something controlling you.
Wizard: Mastery of power. Desire to gain more power? This can also be seen as an archetype (see wise old man under archetypes above).
wolf: See animals ...

A ~ or ~es your dream indicate social frolic ahead, but if you're involved in a love affair, they are a... Continue dream interpretation - Hag"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Haggard ...

A ~'s cauldron is an expert at turning people into what they are not. For these reasons, cauldrons in your dream can represent a change in your personality.

If ~es are stirring a cauldron in your dream, you could be worried about how members of your family are getting along.
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Wisdom ~ Witness Wizard Wolf Women Wood-pile Wooden Shoe Woods Wool Work Work house Workshop Worms Wound Hypocrite Obelisk Nobility Knife Bedbugs
World Flags
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Bat- ~craft; unstable; flighty; fear
Bear - judgment; strength; opposition; an evil spirit that wants something you have; economic loss (as in 'a bear market'); Russia
Polar Bear - religious spirit ...

Magpie - a ~, a werewolf / something you suspect. Lots of chirping - expect guests.
New family dream book
Forty dream to big disappointments and quarrels. Seeing such a dream, consider their good deeds and sayings to unwittingly cause harm to others.

Halloween ~:
~es and Halloween are perfect pairs as Oct. 31 is a time most advantageous to tap into supernatural perspectives. This time of year is situated in the crevasse of transition in both constellational, and seasonal aspects.

To see a weather ~, denotes disagreeable conditions in your family affairs.
To see them conjuring the weather, foretells quarrels in the home and disappointment in business.

see also: holiday ~ or wizard jack-o-lantern
categories: Events
What Does Your Dream Mean?
About Dream Symbols ...

Example dream : A ~ who ate people symbolised the dreamers selfish grandmother who was coming to stay
2. Ancient times ...

(Hog-like wolf) A hyena in a dream represents a fierce, an unjust and a perfidious enemy whose actions stem from the directives of an evil and an ugly old ~.

The negative mother symbol may appear as a ~ or a dragon and represents dark destructive tendencies that devours, seduces or poisons. Some people have problems freeing themselves from mother-attachment. This prevents the development of their individuality and inner self-dependence.

See also related symbols: Image, Wife, Urinal, Rye Bread, Fight, Sawdust, Sausage, Fiddle, Shanty, China, Mallet, Hunger, Hymns, Twins, Penitentiary, Ebony, Pancake, Jam, Forsaking, Autumn, Necklace, Errands, ~, Ramble, Carnival, Thermometer, Paper or parchment, Hearse, Elderberries, ...

They that are enemies of the cross appear to be friends to teach their ~craft. If you have any more insight into the dream, feel free to discern it. Judge every spirit to see if it is true or false. It may make more sense to the ones that work and live in Haiti for the Lord Jesus.

I looked up the term grey ~ at the time but couldn't find any information on it. I believe there is some information out on the web now, and there may indeed be such a thing as a grey ~!
Teresa x
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To hear the sound of cackling, as if from a ~, is a bad omen. You will soon suffer from either the loss of loved one or illness.
For more refined analysis of this dream, Try Web 2.0 search.
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Paralysis dreams can often be associated with aliens, ~es, or demons usually because they reflect how unusual or terrible the paralyzing factor in your life is.

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They prefer the ~ of Endor, and the Black Magicians of ancient Egypt to the higher, or Christ self, that has been seen and heard by the sages and saints of all ages, assuming appropriate symbols, as in the case of the vision of F, where the angel of death was assumed.

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You need to discard what is no longer useful to you. Alternatively, brooms symbolize domesticity and the establishment of a household. Also, brooms are sometimes associated with ~es and thus broomsticks may refer to the female shadow aspect of you.

Some people see these spirits as your typical "devil" (pointed ears, forked tongue) kind of creature. These demons are given license through personal or generational sin involving, ~craft, false religions, free masonry, horoscopes, fortune telling and so forth. ...

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Also, brooms are sometimes associated with ~es and thus broomsticks may refer to the female shadow aspect of yourself.
To dream that you are in a brothel, indicates dissatisfaction and deprivation in your emotional or sexual relationship. Your physical urges need attention.
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