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Lots of worms together can mean you've got a situation that's like a "can of worms"—challenging, complex, or not easy to know where to start in order to come up with a solution.
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Worms (mulberry silkworms):
Silkworms, that were dreamed of, mean that friends will give you a hand in difficult circumstances when you will be aming for help.
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Dream Dictionary
To dream of having ringworms appear on you, you will have a slight illness, and some exasperating difficulty in the near future.

To dream of having ringworms appear on you, you will have a slight illness, and some exasperating difficulty in the near future.
To see them on others, beggars and appeals for charity will beset you.

Meaning of RINGWORMS
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ringworm, ringworm bush, ringworm cassia, ringworm shrub ...

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Dream Interpretation Ringworms
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

To use them as bait predicts a sudden material gain; otherwise, they signify news of an illness, unless you killed them, in which case the dream is a forecast of successful efforts.
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Worms indicate cancer or a threat of cancer. That being said, we all develop cancer cells from time to time and our immune system spots the renegade cell and destroys it. The occasional dream about cancer is nothing to worry about.
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dream interpretation
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What thoughts come to mind when someone is called a worm? When we are dreaming about these animals, we may be reflecting on the more negative aspects of our own or someone else's personality.

To dream of worms, interpret that you will be oppressed by the low intriguing of disreputable persons.

Worms: To dream of worms, denotes that you will be oppressed by the low intriguingof disreputable persons.
For a young woman to dream they crawl on her, foretells that heraspirations will always tend to the material.

To dream of a tapeworm symbolizes an aspect of your personality that continually takes what's rightfully yours. A person or situation that keeps robbing you of things you deserve or that you've earned.

To dream that you have ringworms, forewarns that you will catch a slight illness.

Worms in dreams often appear crawling either underneath or out from the skin. They can reflect concerns about a health problem. They may also reflect a "slimy" person or situation in waking life that has gotten 'under your skin.' ...

Worms Under My Toenails (Insects Dream)
i dreamed i was at my bf house and i was taking the polish off my toenails, I looked down and there were little black worms wiggling under my toenails. with tweezers and nail clippers i tried to get t...

Silkworms are also considered very auspicious and they too enjoy the fruits of the bodhi.
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Whether worms, minnows, or any other form of animal life intended for bait, the omen of such a dream is that... Continue dream interpretation - Bait"continue dream interpretation
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Dreams about worms suggest that someone that the dreamer cares for is being dishonest for fear of hurting the dreamer.
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To dream about worms forewarns that some disreputable persons will take advantage of you.
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Dream dictionary definition for worms: Dreaming of swarms of worms could represent congestion or confusion in your life.  There may be a difficult problem or challenge in your life - as in opening 'a can of worms.' ...

If water is murky, one is unsure of one's own feelings. If fish in the water, abundance and creativity.
Weapons - be on guard.
Whiskey - a happy and active life.
Wine - a happy old age.
Worms - put small worries aside.

For example, I could see every particle in the room, and I could see energy (??I dunno, that's just what I felt it was)jumping around my nitelight like little worms. I had to move all the particles around so they would be in the proper order.

I dreamt of a corpse, at first it was in a coffin and later on my ex-husband who is stil alive opened it and exposed the corpse and the corpse was him (my ex-husband) and suddenly some worms came out of the corpse and entered my body through my ...

To see or dream that you are a ringmaster, suggests that you are taking control of your hectic life. You are attempting to find order in your life.
To dream that you have ringworms, forewarns that you will catch a slight illness.
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Earthworm - To see an earthworm in your dream, indicates that you need to go deep into your unconscious in order to unearth your hidden feelings and desires. Alternatively, earthworms symbolize little things that can be beneficial for your growth ...

The fruit might be a symbol of sustenance or what you require to live. The fact that it has worms might mean that you feel this sustenance is decaying. Do you have fears about going about your daily life after Sept.11?

Is the apple in good condition or does it contain worms; it is attractive and firm; rotting or partially eaten? Whatever its condition, it is describing what is happening in the arena of your emotional life.

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