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A crisis or disaster
Something you perceive as a disaster or huge disruption
The end of a phase, project, or activity—possibly ending in an abrupt or unexpected way ...

Train wrecks aren't about small dings that a mechanic has to fix. Train wrecks are about huge national-news issues that affect many people.
What major incident in your life is causing you trouble? What large issue, that should be reliable, has gone off kilter?

I haven't seen my old best friend in 8years because he told me that if I sayed with my boyfriend (now my husband) that I was on a train wreck waiting to happen and that if I came over to see him that he would talk to me, but we would never be as good of friends that we used to be.

Wrecking ball
Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
(Crane) A wrecking ball in a dream represents a message carrier. If one sees a wrecking ball hitting him in a dream, it means that he will receive a strong message which will be carried by a strong and a merciless emissary..

Dreaming of wrecking something can personify the exploration of self defeating behavior. It may be that a negative outlook is undermining your success.

~ survival after a serious mistake; pay attention to your driving; see what you can learn from this mishap; somebody always seems to ruin it; a rec centre. What is left that can be salvaged?

To see a ~ in your dream, signifies your fears of poverty and failure.

To see a ~ in your dream, foretells that you will be harassed with fears of destitution or sudden failure in business.
Writing ...

If you dream that you are in an accident at sea, you may be feeling disappointed in love or having problems with people you are close to. If you are drowning, your emotions may be overwhelming you.

Ship~-symbolic of a disaster in life, 1 Tim. 1:19
Shoes-symbolic of a servant, Ps. 108:9. Shoes can also sym­bolize a journey or a person prepared to witness the gospel of Christ, Eph. 6:15
Shopping-symbolic of choices ...

Ruined. Disorderly. There is a barrier to progress in your plans.
Writing ...

To see a ~ in your dream, represents obstacles and barriers toward your goals. You feel that you are being held back or that you are not making any progress.
Wrestling ...

~: Rejection, something that prevents your progress. Out of control with your emotions as in "he is just a ~".
worm: Feeling insignificant.
wound: Hurt feelings. Need for healing?

The crash also suggests fear of failure or loss of control. This might be failure in relationship or an argument - you may be on collision course with boss or partner for instance. See: ~ed car; fear in connection with car.

~ed and unfulfilled desires and wishes if the car has been smashed. The dream shows the desperation and failures the dreamer has.

To hear of a ship~ is ominous of a disastrous turn in affairs. Your female friends will betray you.
To lose your life in one, denotes that you will have an exceeding close call on your life or honor.

To see the masts of ~ed ships, denotes sudden changes in your circumstances which will necessitate giving over anticipated pleasures.
If a sailor dreams of a mast, he will soon sail on an eventful trip.
Home ...

It had ~ed his day.
Example dream : A dream about a man running into a shop window linked to the dreamer having ignored someone the day before. He had been distracted and did not mean to ignore the person. It was too late to make amends.

run aground, sake, salient, scaly, scene, scene of action, scenery, school, scobicular, scobiform, scope, score, scratchboard, scurfy, sea level, sea of grass, seat, section, sediment, send headlong, set, set in, set right, set up, setting, settle, settlings, sharded, sharpen the wits, ship~, ...

To see a dead actor or actress promises ~ your plans as a result of a large disaster. See stray, poor actors - mean change for the worse in your business. For those who enjoy the homey feel - is also a warning about the changes, as well as a possible sign of treachery.

See also related symbols: Pecans, Prayer, Microscope, ~s, Coke Oven, Earthquake, Smallpox, Chalice, Cane, Blanket, Way, Steps, Famish, Arrested, Quarry, Beheading, Killing, Eclipse, Implements, Dividend, City Hall, Cremate, Waste, Scythe, Land, Chair, Torch, Nightmare, Rake, Manners, Nails, Heat, ...

Crosswords= Decision; change of direction, (See crossroads, path, sign and auto ~). (Isa 35:8; Matt 7:13-14; John 14:6; Nahum 2:4).

To dream of climbing up a hill or mountain and reaching the top, you will overcome the most formidable obstacles between you and a prosperous future; but if you should fail to reach the top, your most important plans will suffer being ~ed.

Train ~s and mechanical failures indicate doubts about our ability to achieve a goal. Trains going the wrong way or "jumping the track" reflect feelings that one is headed in the wrong direction in waking life or that one has deviated from the intended path.

To dream of a railway ~ in which you are not a participant, you will eventually be interested in some accident because of some relative or friend being hurt, or you will have trouble of a business character.
Disease ...

see also: basement house stairs floating ship~ under diving eroding deterioration decreasing the bottom of
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If you dream of being in hell, you will fall into temptations, which will almost ~ you financially and morally. To see... Continue dream interpretation - Hell"continue dream interpretation
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Mast: To dream of seeing the masts of ships, denotes long and pleasant voyages,the making of many new friends, and the gaining of new possessions.
To see the masts of ~ed ships, denotes sudden changes in yourcircumstances which will necessitate giving over anticipated pleasures.

Seeing a wound on yourself or anyone else is a dream of pressing magnitude that warns you to be extra careful for the next few weeks. If the wound is from a car ~, be careful when driving.

Example: A woman dreamed of an engagement. In waking life she beginning to recover from a traumatic ship~ that occurred and finally felt that full recovery was possible with enough time. TOP
Engagement Ring ...

Driven a car.
Seen a car.
Been a passenger in a car.
Been hit by a car.
Been in an unmoving car.
Been in a car ~.
Lost control of a car.
Visited someone in a car.
Driven a car into something.

To notice an iguana in your dream symbolizes ruthlessness, cold-heartedness, ferocity, and callous acts. It identifies both hostility and unstoppable willpower. To dream of an iguana symbolizes a nerve-~ing yet awe inspiring person or experience in your waking life.

But just try going without sleep for more than 24 hours and you will soon find that you will very quickly start to go downhill. You will become a total ~ unable to think clearly. Your physical and mental health will be impaired.

over large bodies of water, a ship symbolizes the journey across or through the unknown or unconscious. As a large vehicle that sails on larger, more extensive bodies of water, its more related to the process of transformation or individuation than a boat. How do you behave on the ship. A ship~ ...

To others, it signifies loss by death; but if you dream that you are rescued, you will be placed in trying situations, but will come out unscathed. To dream of a railway ~ in which you are not a participant, ...

I go to freshen up a bit. When I wipe my mouth, my teeth begin falling out! Every one I touch falls out. No bleeding, just empty spaces in my mouth. I go back out of the bathroom, concerned, but the guy doesn't notice. Meanwhile, I'm a ~.

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