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Zombie apocalypse dream interpretations
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Someone who is not "alive" emotionally—not in touch with their humanity, compassion, feelings, etc.
A threatening zombie (monster-like) can represent your subconscious fears.

Dreaming that you are a zombie indicates that you are physically and/or emotionally detached from people and situations that are currently surrounding you. You are out of touch. Alternatively, it may indicate that you are feeling dead inside and are simply going through the motions of daily living.

ZOMBIES - Renewal of the Dead in the cult of voodoo in order to perform certain tasks from the sorcerer - a symbol of forced intrusion into the psyche of the sleeper, the so-called "zombie"; own old revived harmful "mechanical" habits, negative feelings and motivations.
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Then, zombies start flooding out of those kitchen doors, start approaching our table, so my dad and I quickly get out of there. The zombies are everywhere, but they're slow.

Dreams utilize other characters to portray aspects of the individual - so dreaming of a ~ can portray how you are recognizing a 'lifeless' yet active part of you that needs to be understsood and integrated.

A ~ in a dream may result from watching a scary movie. In the absence of a scary movie, ~s in dreams often symbolize people in your waking life who you feel are numb, vacant and spaced out, often due to drug or alcohol abuse.

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Fear, not getting enough rest, patters you thought were dead resurfacing
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Confusion and un-evolved people surrounding you ...

To dream of a ~ represented automatic or blind thinking. Not caring about anything except what you want or what you want to avoid. A sign that you are too concerned with what other people think or that you are not thinking for yourself.

Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are walking around like a ~, it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you.

Death. Automaton. Parts of your greater self are stalking you.
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~ emotional shutdown; doing what others tell you without thought; fear of the unknown. How can you bring more enthusiasm into your life?

To see or dream that you are a ~, suggests that you are physically and emotionally detached from people and situations. To dream that a ~ is threatening you, means you are feeling emotionally insecure.
Zookeeper ...

~'s chasing you: to be chased by a ~ or group of people then this dream is associated with your own judgment. It is extremely rare to encounter such a dream. These types of dreams are particularly worrying as we associate the dream with our own traits.

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Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are "walking around like a ~," it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you.

~ This is about something you sense in yourself or others that is moved by other than human and conscious motives. It is like being asleep and sleep walking, there is no sense of any response […] More
z Unknown quantity. Sometimes represents lightning or electricity. More ...

~: Living dead. Something refusing to die. Something without free will being controlled by basal emotions.
zoo: Controlled and ordered wildness. If there are animals, see above "animals."
[1] As found on page 73 of Druids: Their origins and history by Lewis Spence, 1949 ...

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Dead End
If you dreamed of coming to a dead end street, your dream is telling you that you are following "a road to nowhere" in your real life. You must make changes.

Example dream : ~s creatures symbolised the dreamers dislike of her boyfriend who tended to say stupid things. He was especially irritating the day before
2. Ancient times ...

Zodiac signs-symbolic of mythology and predicting the fu­ture, Jer. 10:2-3
~s-the walking dead are symbolic of the unsaved (the people of the world are dead in their trespasses and sins) Eph. 2:1-5
Zoo-representative of a busy and active place in life ...

in my dream there were ~s chasing us everywhere and i was killing them with my weapons as were other people in the house/playplace i was venturing off deeper into the playplae when i found my aunt. what was strang is that the woman didnt look like my aunt but i identified her as my aunt.

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These dreams may carry a sense of judgment or joy, depending on whether or not the relationship transaction is resolved. Judgment can often involve the dead person as a dead person or ~.

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