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Relating to and/or sand deposited by flowing water.
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Alluvial -- An adjective referring to alluvium.
Alluvial aquifer -- An aquifer formed by materials deposited by physical processes in river channels and on floodplains.

Alluvial Fan -
(1) A fan-shaped deposit of generally coarse material created where a stream flows out onto a gentle plain; a geomorphologic feature characterized by a cone or fan-shaped deposit of clay, silt, sand, gravel, and boulders that have been eroded from mountain slopes, ...

ALLUVIAL: Alluvial refers to sediment deposition in riverine landscapes.
ALLUVIUM: Alluvium is the sediment deposited from transportation by channelled stream flow or over-bank stream flow.

Alluvial deposit
An area of sand, clay or other similar material that has been gradually deposited by moving water, such as along a river bed or shore of a lake.
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alluvial fan
A fan-shaped deposit of alluvium laid down by a stream where it emerges from an upland into less steeply sloping terrain.
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alluvial terrace
alluvium Sediments, usually mineral or inorganic, deposited by running water.

Alluvial soils
Highly fertile soils washed down by run off from rivers and streams.
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Alluvial Deposits: The general name for all sediments, including clay, (Alluvium) silt, sand, gravel or similar unconsolidated material deposited in a sorted or semi-sorted condition by a stream or other body of running water, in a stream bed, floodplain, ...

This alluvial soil is considered to be "young" because it does not have strong indications of weathering. The total age of the sediments above the water table is actually less than 80 years.

alluvial Describes unconsolidated material such as sand, gravel, and silt which has been deposited by flowing water.

Many homes in rural areas as well as some major cities rely exclusively on groundwater. Contrary to popular belief, groundwater does not exist in underground lakes but in the pores and spaces between alluvial materials (such as sand, gravel, silt, or clay) in water-bearing formations called ...

Flood plain - a nearly flat alluvial lowland that borders a stream and is subject to flooding unless protected artificially.
Forb - any herbaceous plant, not a grass or sedge.
Genesis, soil - the mode of origin of the soil.

Diverting surface waters into nearby spreading basins/infiltration lagoons, ditches, recharge pits or injection wells to recharge alluvial or other types of aquifers are techniques used to deal with natural variability in flow, reduce evaporative losses, and obtain better quality water.

Delta: A fan-shaped alluvial deposit at a river mouth formed by the deposition of successive layers of sediment.
Demand: The numerical expression of the desire for goods and services associated with an economic standard for acquiring them.

Bottomset Bed: a fine, horizontal delta deposit of alluvial clay and silt.
Bowen Reaction Series: N. L. Bowen's generally accepted hypothesis that how rocks crystalize from magma--whether they turn out mafic, intermediate, or felsic--depends on the magma's composition and temperature.

Forest devastation, and wastage by erosion is not restricted to the uplands of America. Millions of acres of formerly productive alluvial land along streams ....

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