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Breathing zone

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Breathing Zone
Area of air in which an organism inhales.
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Breathing Zone
The breathing zone is the region within an occupied space between 3 and 6 feet above the floor and more than 2 feet from walls or fixed air-conditioning equipment. (AHSRAE 62.12007)
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Breathing Zone: Area of a room in which occupants breathe as they stand, sit, or lie down.
Buffer Action: A substance's resistance to a change in pH.

breathing zone
Space within a radius of 0.5 m from a person’s face.
British anti-Lewisite (BAL)
See 2,3-bis(sulfanyl)propan-1-ol ...

Personal Air Samples: Air samples taken with a pump that is directly attached to the worker with the collecting filter and cassette placed in the worker's breathing zone (required under OSHA asbestos standards and EPA worker protection rule).

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