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Composite sample, weighted: A sample composed of two or more portions collected at specific times and added together in volumes related to the flow at time of collection. Compare grab sample ...

A series of water samples taken over a given period of time and weighted by flow rate.
Compounds ...

Composite Sample
A representative sample created by the homogenization of multiple samples from multiple sampling locations within the same general area.

s Samples collected at regular intervals, sometimes in proportion to the existing flow, and then combined to form a sample representative of flow over a period of time.
compositing Combining more than one sample for analysis.

Composite sample - A sample which is made by combining samples from two or more locations. The sample can be of water, soil or another medium.

is a collection of individual samples
obtained at regular intervals, usually every one or two hours
during a 24-hour time span. Each individual sample is ...

A flow of water, waste or other material from a particular place in a plant to the location where samples are collected for testing. May be used to obtain grab or composite samples.
Source: Terms of the Environment

Compositing: The combining and homogenizing of samples (e.g., soils) prior to preforming an analysis of the .

See also: See also: Water, Waste, Biological, Table, Hazard

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