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Consumptive use

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Crop Consumptive Use
The amount of water transpired during plant growth plus what evaporated from the soil surface and foliage in the crop area.
Source: Terms of the Environment ...

Consumptive use: The difference between the total quantity of water withdrawn from a source for any use and the quantity of water returned to the source; e.g.

consumptive use : Water removed from available supplies without direct return to a water resource system for uses such as manufacturing, agriculture, and food preparation.

Consumptive uses alter the hydrologic cycle and may modify the environment. Because the same drop (or even the same molecule) of water can be reused many times by humans and also is needed to maintain environmental integrity, conflicts between different uses are frequent.

C consumptive use (of water)
Definition (english only)
Water abstracted which is no longer available for use because it has evaporated, transpired, been incorporated into products and crops, or consumed by man or livestock.

~ A use of water in which water is removed from available supplies without direct return to a water resource system.
consumptive irrigation requirement ...

delivery/release The amount of water delivered to the point of use and the amount released after use; the difference between these amounts is usually the same as the ~. See also ~.

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