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Heterotrophic organisms

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Heterotrophic Organisms
Species that are dependent on organic matter for food.
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heterotrophic organisms
heterotrophic plate count (HPC) In essence, a total count of heterotrophic microorganisms, usually expressed in number of bacteria per milliliter of sample.
high affinity antibody An antibody with a high affinity for antigen.

Heterotrophic Organisms
Consumers such as humans and animals, and decomposers such as bacteria and fungi, that are dependent on organic matter for food.
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decomposers Heterotrophic organisms that break down dead protoplasm and use some of the products and release others for use by consumer organisms. decomposition The breakdown of matter by bacteria and fungi. It changes the chemical makeup and physical appearance of materials.

Secondary productivity The rate at which biomass is produced per unit area by heterotrophic organisms. Seed bank The population of viable dormant seeds that accumulates in and on soil and in sediments under water.

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