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Lethal concentration

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LC 50/Lethal Concentration
Median level concentration, a standard measure of toxicity. It tells how much of a substance is needed to kill half of a group of experimental organisms in a given time. (See LD 50.)
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Lethal Concentration 50: Also referred to as LC50, a concentration of a pollutant or effluent at which 50 percent of the test organisms die; a common measure of acute toxicity.

lethal concentration 50% (LC50) The concentration of a chemical in air or water which is expected to cause death in 50% of test animals living in that air or water; lethal concentration.

Lethal Concentration (LC50): The concentration of a substance needed to kill half of a population at a specific time of observation.
Lethargy: A condition of abnormal drowsiness or torpor; a great lack of energy; apathy.

median lethal concentration (LC50)
Statistically derived median concentration of a substance in an environmental medium expected to kill 50% of organisms in a given population under a defined set of conditions.

Absolute ~ (LC100)-Lowest concentration of a substance in an environmental medium which kills 100% of test organisms or species under defined conditions. This value is dependent on the number of organisms used in its assessment. (IUPAC) ...

LC50 - the concentration of a material in air which causes death in 50% of a group of test animals. The material is inhaled over a set period of time, usually 4 hrs. LC stands for ~.

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