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Static water level

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Static Water Level
1. Elevation or level of the water table in a well when the pump is not operating. 2. The level or elevation to which water would rise in a tube connected to an artesian aquifer or basin in a conduit under pressure.

: The level of water in a well that is not being pumped. (The drawdown has been recharged by the surrounding groundwater.) ...

Static Water Level: water level in a well before pumping.
Superfund: common name for the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA) designed to clean up abandoned or inactive hazardous waste dump sites.

The elevation or level of water in a well when the pump is not operating. Superfund See CERCLA. subsurface waterWater that exists in the lithosphere whether in the unsaturated or vadose zone, or the saturated zone.

See also: See also: Water table, Aquifer, Well, Water, Table

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