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Total suspended solids

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Total Suspended Solids (TSS)
A measure of the suspended solids in wastewater, effluent, or water bodies, determined by tests for "total suspended non-filterable solids." (See suspended solids.)
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Total Suspended Solids (TSS) (D):
TSS is the measure of the amount of non-dissolved solid material present in water or waste water.

Total suspended solids (TSS) are particles that are too small or light to be removed from stormwater via gravity settling. Suspended solid concentrations are typically removed via filtration.
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Total suspended solids (TSS)
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(2) Primary treatment means treatment of urban wastewater by a physical and/or chemical process involving settlement of suspended solids, or other processes in which the BOD5 of the incoming wastewater is reduced by at least 20 % before discharge and the total suspended solids of the incoming ...

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