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Esoteric  Adam kadmon  Adonai

An occult term or title signifying an initiate that has consciously achieved the highest attainment in the mastery of psychic powers. A magus may be referred to as an adept too.

A person who is 'skilled', particularly proficient or thoroughly clever in occult wisdom and/or magical powers, as a result of the study of various mystical techniques and philosophies.

The tree in its most basic formation, is an empty coloring picture, awaiting the adept to color it with their life. Each place within and upon the tree, represents levels, energies, intelligence's, situations, colors, sounds, images, thoughts, forces, places, experiences, etc...

One who has achieved the highest levels of attainment in an esoteric tradition and who has demonstrated conscious and complete mastery of self and elements within the chosen path.

Adept A Master of Wisdom who, having traversed the path of evolutionand entered upon the final stage of this Path of Initiation, has taken five of the initiations and passed into the fifth or spiritual kingdom, from the fourth or human kingdom.

AMONG the many questions to which Theosophy gives rise, none perhaps awakens more interest and arouses more enquiry than that of the Masters. What is indicated by the term? Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do?

~: A person that has become highly proficient in a particular magickal art(s) through dedication, much study, and practice.
Akasha: What some deem the fifth Element, Spirit. It is the ever-present spiritual energy inherent in all parts of the universe.

An ~ may loosely be described as someone who is an expert in magic. In several magical orders such as the and A.'.A.'. it has the specific meaning of someone initiated into Tiphereth, which is at the centre of the .

~ - A Master. A human being who, having travelled on the Path of Discipleship and entered upon the Path of Initiation, passes into the Fifth or Spiritual Kingdom after the Fifth Initiation.

~s have been taught the art of calling specific devas or elementals to serve their purpose, by the use of mantrams. By a mantram is understood arranging words or syllables in some rhythmic order, which when thus sounded will generate the desired vibrations.

~ (Lat. ~us) In Occultism, one who has reached the stage of initiation and become a master in the Science of Esoteric Philosophy.

~ Esoteric master, 45-self.
ADI (Skt, T.B.) World 43 and its consciousness.

The ~ in the above paragraph (from the introduction by Pascal Themanlys to the book Visions of the Eternal Present) is Max Theon, at the time a mere 22 years of age. I assume the disciple referred to is Peter Davidson (1842-1916), a Scottish philosopher.

the ~s drink, the water of remembrance by which the soul remembers its own substance and origin?

These ~s were believed to have been able to teach man how to function away from his physical body at will by assisting him to remove the "rose from the cross.

An ancient ~ has said: 'If the wrong man uses the right means, the right means work in the wrong way.' This Chinese saying, unfortunately only too true, stands in sharp contrast to our belief in the 'right' method irrespective of the man who applies it.

Esoterically an ~ is not a Master of Wisdom until He has achieved the fifth initiation or, in other words, until He has entered the spiritual plane and His consciousness embraces the fifth or spiritual kingdom.

A reply was purported to have been received with much wisdom, and honorary grades of Exempt ~ were conferred upon Westcott, Mathers and Woodman, as well as a charter to establish a Golden Dawn temple to work the five grades outlined in the manuscripts.

~i: Books by A.E. Waite (PKT: Pictorial Key to the Tarot)
~i: Writings of A.E. Waite
~i: Waite: I am not to be included among those who are satisfied that there is a valid correspondence between Hebrew letters and Tarot Trump symbols
Mastermason: The Masonic Career of A.E. Waite ...

The form is that of the ~ or Yogi who enters, or chooses, that post-mortem condition in preference to the Dharmakaya or absolute Nirvanic state.

One may attempt to approach alchemical symbols the way Jung and his followers have done, or to choose to view the whole subject as mere metaphors for life's struggles, but that kind of thing will not help to elucidate what, in their veiled manner the ~s sought to impart.

In 1945 Mark Prophet founded the Inner Circle Kethra E'Da Foundation, based on trance mediumship received from three disincarnate ~s, Alfred Luntz (Anglican minister), Raymond Natall (a contemporary of Gallileo) and Yada di Shi'ite (from an ancient civilization of the Himalaya's).

In the ~ of service to self, there is a certain development that parallels the positive development and a certain fusion of the being that makes the aspirant less ambiguous and more focused. This can be said to take place around a 'black magnetic center, ' a sort of concentration of negativity.

He was already dissatisfied with the rituals of the Golden Dawn in both form and content, and he had determined to reshape them and to divert the course of the Order down mystical rather than magical paths; in this endeavour he was supported by Marcus Worsley Blackden, a fellow ~ and amateur ...

Traces of Babylonian myth can even be found in the Hebrew Scriptures and, according to Golden Dawn ~ and Tarot artist Sandra Tabatha Cicero, the powerful deities and mysterious incantations of this ancient culture can also be seen as the very root of Western Ceremonial Magick.

Philip's then wife being French, they were about to vacation in France in the vicinity of the branch community led by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, a disciple of Peter Deunov, the ~ who originated PanEuRhythmy. There he obtained contact names and addresses in Bulgaria.

The initiate is now an ~. He sees truth directly and understands nature in her true form. He can approach God without the separation imposed by the space/time continuum and its quantum mechanics weave.

Wizard : is a term that comes from the Old English 'wis', meaning "wise", ~, a sage, or a magician skilled in the summoning of supernatural powers.

When the ~ invokes the three Secret Holy Names of God, the King is also automatically activated. In addition, the King may be invoked as a specific force. The King is always invoked when lower elemental forces on the Tablet are to be utilized.

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