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That which is hidden or secret customarily used in rites pertaining to the mysteries of religions or secret societies. Often arcane designates mysterious or secret knowledge known only to the initiates of and organization, lodge, or secret society.

arcane (requiring secret or mysterious knowledge)
cabalistic; cryptic; cryptical; kabbalistic; qabalistic; sibylline (having a secret or hidden meaning) ...

Le Grand Arcane, ou l'occultisme dévoilé. Par Éliphas Lévi. Demy 8vo, Paris, 1898.

A. Only in the Arcane or "Esoteric" Section.
Q. And also, that some members after leaving did not regard themselves bound by them. Are they right?

Lucis Trust & Lucis Publishing Companies: 24 Books by Alice Bailey - also the official site of World Goodwill and the Arcane School.

Today there is so much pressure on "information"--the word, the conceptual space, but also the stuff itself--that it crackles with energy, drawing to itself mythologies, metaphysics, hints of ~ magic. Of course science fiction has already explored such mythologies of information.

The ~ School offers correspondence instruction on Esoteric Philosophy. Netnews Association An excellent source to order or download the Alice Bailey books and other information on the Ageless Wisdoms. An excellent resource.

Sonny read tirelessly, annotating the texts "in copious notes of red, green, and yellow ink, circling, underlining, arrowing, echoing what he read with comments and cross-references, sometimes with ~ symbols from the world's religions.

' This is an ~ tongue which permits initiates, and those on the Path, to com- municate secrets to one another in a form which is incomprehensible to those not versed in the language. […]' There are no words for the higher experiences - only symbols.

This furnishes a key to one of the most ~ of ancient secrets--the relationship existing between the two great zodiacs the fixed and the movable. The fixed zodiac is described as an immense dodecahedron, its twelve surfaces representing the outermost walls of abstract space.

Only by teaching above the grasp of the little evolved can the way be opened up for a restoration of ~ knowledge, and the study of the Lesser Mysteries must precede that of the Greater.

Raziel, called the angel of mysteries, is the possessor of a staggering amount of information on all matters secret, ~, and mysterious; ...

Adherents of the Mysteries have long held the idea that the Tarot has its origins in the ~ system of the Kabbalah, though there is no firm historical evidence for this.

During his lifetime the most influential of these "alternative" masonic historians was John Yarker, whose monumental work on the ~ Schools (1909) is really a prehistory of Freemasonry, which he saw progressing from the Egyptian and Greek Mysteries via Mithraism, Gnosticism and Alchemy, ...

The plural 'Arcana' or '~' is applied to all the esoteric wisdom of occult lore, the knowledge that makes the magician 'master of gold and light'. In alchemy, Arcana was the assemblage of the secret remedies.

Information on the ~ School, World Goodwill, Triangles, the Great Invocation, Meetings and Festivals, and the Alice Bailey Books/Lucis Publishing Companies. Alice A. Bailey books are online. New York, USA, London, UK, and Geneva, Switzerland.

THEOSOPHIST. Only in the ~ or "Esoteric" Section.
ENQUIRER. And also, that some members after leaving did not regard themselves bound by them. Are they right?

He is known as "the Messenger of the Masters". He is very learned on the Rays and Planetary Hierarchies of the Solar System. The ~ School came into being as a result of further information on the Ancient Wisdom which he gave to Alice A. Bailey.

and I will simply create a thumbnail sketch of some of what has been appropriated into radionics. I might add that as the years have gone by various of these concepts have become commonplace, but during the period the books were written, 1919-1949, they must have seemed like the last word in ~ ...

The ~ Archive - a cache of usenet and other text files pertaining to occult, mystical, and spiritual subjects.
Esoteric Agenda - video
IOS - Ancient History, Angels, Dragons, Mermaids and more (comprehensive highly-focused web directories) ...

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