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Daleth. He shall visualize the wheel of the zodiac as a spokeless rim, with the signs engraved thereon in the appropriate colors, each taking up exactly one- twelfth of the wheel.

The Daleth should be the image of the active vivifying principle of the Universe, Jupiter, the reflex of the Primal cause.
The Emperor.

noe rest to you any hower, any day, or any nighte, because you haue not obayed the wordes, wch were spokenn of the mighty maker of all thinges, wch names ar these: Ameteñeton, Io, Ahac, Pater, Semiphoras, Alleluia, Aleph, Beth, Gymel, Daleth, ...

aleph mem shin
beth gimel daleth kaph peh resh tav
heh vau zayin cheth teth yod lamed nun samekh ayin tzaddi qoph ...

ninety Amens.... The Hebrew word for tzedakah, of which the letters are tzadi (numerical value=90), daleth (=4), koph (=100), he (=5).
the gleanings...forgotten sheaf...corners of the field V. Lev. XIX. 9-10, Deut. XXIV. 19 ...

4 The fourth is said Daleth [dalet] that is D this sheweth
turbation and death of some man & harme to him
5 The fifth is said He [heh] that is H and it sheweth
price, honor and gladnes & it is full good in all things ...

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Esoteric  Daimon  Daphnomancy

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