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Sarlo's Guru Ratings. A vast list, each rather subjectively ratedm, by Sarlo, a follower of Osho. Not to be taken too seriously!!! ...

Traditionally in Hinduism, at the age of twelve the male is initiated into the religion, at which time he becomes a student, or chela, of a guru to learn the Vedas and other teachings.

Guru -- A spiritual teacher.
Hierarchy -- See Spiritual Hierarchy.
Imam Mahdi -- The prophet whose return is awaited by some Islamic sects in order that he can complete the work started by Mohammed.

Guru Spiritual teacher. A Master in metaphysical and ethical doctrines.

Guru Padma-sambhava, the so-called founder of "Lamaism," had five women disciples who compiled several accounts of the teachings of their Master and hid them in various places for the benefit of future believers.

The Guru and the chela have been long working on the spiritual plane of consciousness, the Guru directing, guiding, helping, the chela striving, learning, joyously submissive.

the Guru is the living representative, the mouthpiece of the Buddha, the transmitter and the embodiment of the Buddha's teaching, ...

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The American spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen had a similar experience when he first met the Indian teacher who became his guru, H.W.L. Poonja - who was, coincidentally (or perhaps not!), a direct disciple of Ramana.

The co-disciples must be tuned by the guru as the strings of a lute (vina), each different from the others, yet each emitting sounds in harmony with all.

Today, it is normal to look for a spiritual guide, usually called a "guru". Spiritual guidance emerges out of natural, spontaneous human relationships.

For the true Guru lives within us all, all we need to do, is come to control our egos and listen, and all things shall work out in the end. For it is by the breath, that we will come to be carried to our Guru.

Master. A translation from the Sanskrit Guru, "Spiritual teacher," and adopted by the Theosophists to designate the Adepts, from whom they hold their teachings.

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