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The Pentagram
The pentagram is a powerful symbol of protection and balance, and each of its five points represents one of the five elements (the four manifest elements together with the unifying element of Spirit).

Draw the pentagram as before, but this time ninety degrees to your right towards the South, and vibrating Adonai pointing at the centre. Do not lower the point
throughout the ritual.
Repeat towards the West and North, but for the West vibrate Eheieh and for the North, Agla.

The history of the Pentagram Ritual is somewhat obscure, according to recent occultists. No other operations like it devolve from antiquity, says Regardie, although some form must necessarily have been used for banishing.

6. Still facing East, make a yellow Banishing pentagram of Air with the dagger/wand.
Insert the tip of the daggar into the center of the pentagram and Vibrate "ORO IBAH AOZPI" (Oh-ROh EE-BAH Ah-Oh-Zohd-Pey)
7. Turning to the South, make a red Banishing pentagram of Fire.

A five-pointed star used as a Magickal symbol, frequently drawn in the air. When engraved on a disk or platter, it is known as a Pentacle. Hebrew legend says that an Angel gave King Solomon a ring with a five-pointed star (called a Pentalpha) to allow him to subdue rebellious spirits.

In symbolism, an inverted figure always signifies a perverted power. The average person does not even suspect the occult properties of emblematic pentacles.

THE ~. The ~ is the figure of the microcosm--the magical formula of man. It is the one rising out of the four--the human soul rising from the bondage of the animal nature. It is the true light--the "Star of the morning.

Another word for a five pointed star, used as a symbol for the occult in general and Neopagan and Feminist Witchcraft in particular.
Perception ...

The ~, the five-pointed star image with its lines often interlaced, is typically enclosed within a circle; and thus, in most traditions, is a symbol of protection. The star is upright, having the single point on top, the ascended position.

The ~maton is the means by which man achieves all knowledge and shares in the life of the divinity; and in that sharing, wonderful powers are conferred on him, so that he can carry out extraordinary deeds.

The ~ Ritual:
One of the most useful tools, that has come down to us from the Golden Dawn, is the ~ Ritual. For in its simplicity, it truly enables the Adept to work many wonderful things.

The averse ~ is formulated in precisely the same manner, except that the point assigned to spirit is below the other four (which retain their original positions).

Pentacle and ~
The pentacle is probably the most important symbol in witchcraft. It is a five pointed star with a single point facing upright. A written or drawn pentacle is a ~. In rituals and magic the pentacle is a round disk of earthenware, wax, silver, or clay.

Starting the ~ from Keter, brings us to the first level of understanding; knowledge of the Law. Beginning from Chakhmah, we are learning how to use the Force of the Law.

Mysticism in mathematics: Golden Section, Fibonacci numbers, ~, Pentagon. golden ratio
1.5 - Mysticism and Mathematics
R.Knott, D.A.Quinney: The life and numbers of Fibonacci ...

Pentacle: A ~ surrounded by a circle and fashioned usually into a pendant. The pentacle is used in some covens to represent the element of earth.
~: Always seen with the apex (point) upwards, the ~ is the five pointed star symbolizing western Paganism.

Also termed Witch's Foot, Morning Star or Endless Knot, the Pentacle is a ~ enclosed in a circle and is meant to symbolize the unity of body and spirit.

So I visualized various symbols, and the deva repeated them after me. For example, I visualized a ~, and, to my vision, a ~ appeared, many miles across, spread against the sky. On this particular visit the sky was clear and cloudless, and the lines of the ~ were awesome.

It is the Portal Initiation. It is attributed to the top point of the ~ which is Spirit. Thus, in the Portal Initiation of our Order, the Tablet of Union is introduced as it represents the building Spirit or actuating glue between the elements.

The athame is associated with the element of fire (in some traditions, air). The athame is also used in many invocations, evocations, calling the watchtowers, LBRP (lesser banishing ritual of the ~), spellwork, ceremonies, initiation, and various rituals and rites.

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