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Jungian Synchronicity and Esoteric Cosmology
Arvan Harvat
The Jungian term "synchronicity" has caused many dubieties due to Jung's own concept of the Universe.

This term was introduced by Carl Gustav Jung to denote 'meaningful coincidence.' In Jungian thought, there exists a collective unconscious populated with a species memory of archetypal forms. Different people may tap into this same psychic reservoir and synchroneously, i.e.

Whether the Tarot cards have any mystical, predictive powers at all is discussed in Divination and the Tarot, but for those inclined to believe that there is something presaging in the fall of the cards, ...

Synchronicity of vibration is the key to this process. The soul can only manifest itself to any great extent through vehicles of analogous vibration. It is for this reason that so much emphasis has been laid, in all teachings, on purity -- of physical body, of feelings, of mind and of motive.

Synchronicity, Law of
"Two or more events happening at the 'same' time are likely to have more associations in common than the merely temporal."
Synthesis, Law of ...

(1) ~: A term coined by Jung to designate the meaningful coincidence or equivalence (a) of a psychic and a physical state or event which have no causal relationship to one another.

Using the power of ~, Tarot taps both the subconscious and the superconscious Mind, the center of our psychic abilities. Anyone can become a good tarot reader. But a gifted reader of Tarot is far more than someone exercising innate psychic abilities.

Jungian ~ in the Astrological Signs and Ages.
Jung's Self Psychology: A Constructivist Perspective.
Jung's Struggle With Freud.
Man and His Symbols.
Meetings With Jung: Conversations Recorded During the Years, 1946-1961.
Memories, Dreams, Reflections.

E Macer-Story: The Cause of ~
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Bruce Sterling: Viridian Principles 1.0
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Eco-Antisemitism, Eco-Paganism and Hebrew-Biblical Eco-Logics
Gospel of Judith Iscariot ...

Further, his popular idea of "~" was deeply influenced by his Daoist readings as an alternative holistic idea in the face of the more mechanistic theories of contemporary science.

~ plays a big part in this course of study. Occasionally the right book drops into our lap at exactly the right point. Or perhaps the right advisor shows up at precisely the right moment. The trick seems to be perseverance.

During the preparation of his essay on ~ (the term he coined to explain the wild coincidences that occur in almost everyone's life, and can be not only puzzling but frightening) he and his assistants examined the birth charts of 180 apparently happily married couples, ...

Experiencing good ~ is a good example of circuit 8 being active. Jane Roberts, another aspecter of fame, has a lot to say on following one's impulses. Of course Jung is the one who coined the term ~.

(which, in modern American idiom, might be transliterated as "The Universal Fellowship of Light" or "The Community of Light Workers in all Dimensions of Being"). His search for this community led him to France and Bulgaria - to the two places indicated in the book - with astonishing ~.

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