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A word of four letters ( tetra, 'four', and gramma, 'letter'), especially the Jewish name of God, JHVH (sometimes YHVH), which the Jews never pronounced but substituted the word Adonai instead (usually rendered in the Bible as 'Lord').

The sacred name of God. In Hebrew "four-letter word" or symbol meaning yod-ye-vau-he (YHWH) and signifying Yahweh. It is pronounced in Hebrew as "Adomai," and written generally as JHYH with variations of JHVH or YHVH. In English it became Jehovah.

The Tetragrammaton
The Tetragrammaton is the holy "four-lettered name" of God. Remembering that Hebrew is read from right to left, this name, yod-heh-vav-heh, is most properly transliterated as YHVH, but sometimes as YHWH (Yahweh) or JHVH (Jehovah).

The Tetragrammaton, or four-lettered Name of God, is here arranged as a tetractys within the inverted human heart. Beneath, the name Jehovah is shown transformed into Jehoshua by the interpolation of the radiant Hebrew letter סה, Shin.

Tetragrammaton. The law of four. Latent energy of Nature. Logos in the full aspect with all possibilities of the new Logos. Hermetic philosophy.
Card V.--"The Chariot".
"Man." The Imagination. Magic. Self-suggestion. Self deceit.[paragraph continues] ...

~ (Gr.) The deity-name in four letters, which are in their English form IHVH. It is a Cabalistic term and corresponds on a more material plane to the sacred Pythagorean Tetraktys. (See Theosophical Glossary)
Theodidaktos (Gr.) The "God taught," a title applied to Ammonius Saccas.

As ~ is the Name of Deity in four letters, Pentagrammaton is the Name expressed in five. Y.H.V.H. plus Shin (Spirit of the Primal Fire = 300, you may wish to check further correspondences) is written Y.H.Sh.V.H.

The ~ is thought by Jews to represent the very essence of the Godhead. To identify the World of Adam Kadmon with the ~ therefore is like saying that it represents or expresses the essence of the Godhead.

Groups of four come in many forms: the four Tarot suits. the four horsemen of the apocalypse, the four Evangelists, the four cardinal virtues, the four letters of God's name "the ~.

Tyson, Donald, "~"
Vinci, Leo, "GMICALZOMA, an Enochian Dictionary" ...

My best guess is that the letters are supposed to show the ~ forward and backward: YHVHHVHY.
Semiforas of Adam in wch be conteyned 4 chapters
The first is when Adam spake wth the creator in paradice.
The second is when he spake wth the angells ...

Each of the components of the ~, that is, consonants, has its mystical significance and connotation explained. The Yod (I or Y), with the form of a point and the numerical value of 10, expresses the originally undivided unity and principle of extension of all things.

ENQUIRER. How about those Kabalists, who, while being such, still believe in Jehovah, or the ~?

This name is often said to mean 'I Am', or 'I am that which I Am'. This refers to the God of the Old Testament. Alternate names are YHWH or ~.

In the old testament the hebrews gave the personal name of god as a four letter word called the ~, translated as YHWH and pronounced YAHWEH. This name appeared in spellings on amulets to help magicians conjure demons and also protect from attack.

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* The letter Yod (Primal Energy) of the ~ ...

" (CF 1271) DK talks very little about the letters, or their practical application in magic, whereas Bardon, in his third book, "The Key To The True Kabbalah" has given us a very full explanation with instructions for using the tetrapolar magnet, or YHVH also known as the "~".

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In terms of kabala itself, technical words such as Macroprosopos (the Vast Countenance), Microprosopos (the Lesser Countenance) and ~ (the Four-lettered Name of God), are Greek. So are the names of the archangels Metatron and Sandalphon.

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