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Transmutation of the body is the major aim of all alchemy, which is to restore man to his primordial condition of grace, strength, perfection, beauty, and physical immortality.

"Mind (as well as metals and elements) may be transmuted,
from state to state; degree to degree; condition to condition;
pole to pole; vibration to vibration. True Hermetic Transmutation
is a Mental Art."--The Kybalion.

Integral Yoga - Integral/Divine Transmutation
I define Integral primarily in terms of what Sri Aurobindo referred to as Integral consciousness or Integral realisation.

Transmutation Esoterically, the mode whereby force is changed into energy; the method whereby that which is lower is absorbed by the higher; the achieving of a correct sense of proportion in relation to any phase of life; ...

An APK talent for changing the atomic structure of matter, so as to alter its elemental or molecular nature.
Treatise ...

TRANSMUTATION - The process of change whereby any substance can be speeded up to a higher vibration and thus shifted into a subtler dimension.

The transmutation of fiery energy and the restoration of creation through reuniting the sexes in their celestial forms are alchemical themes.

IS the transmutation of base metals into gold possible? Is the idea one at which the learned of the modern world can afford to scoff? Alchemy was more than a speculative art: it was also an operative art.

6. The Transmutation of the Emotions into Virtues and Vices
7. Application of the Theory to Conduct
8. The Uses of Emotion ...

those labouring in the transmutation of metals are denounced as wretched and inexperienced impostors [Ibid., f 17v; below, p. 177.].

To these they have attributed the arcanum of fixation for the transmutation of Mercury.

No doubt there is such a thing in Nature as transmutation of the baser metal into the nobler; but this is only one aspect of Alchemy, the terrestrial, or purely material, for we see logically the same process taking place in the bowels of the earth.

of the need, the recognition of the new force coming in with the new cycle and the consquent bringing together in wide synthesis, of the need and of the force, regarding the personal self simply as a focal point for action and transmutation.

Transmutation is an indication of something higher. It is a sudden opening to cosmic consciousness and natural harmony. It is similar to the mystical rapture of yoga for example. Alchemy derives from an ancient science.

In this context, the idea of transmutation made perfect sense. The metals themselves, most scholars thought, were naturally fashioned in the earth's interior furnace by an essentially alchemical process that acted on the prima materia.

Alchimie & Hermetisme: L'art de la transmutation
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Simply this: just as the Quest happens in our own heart and mind, the Great Work of transmutation happens in our body - our psychic body.

It acts, to use the language of the Alchemists, by a TRANSMUTATION, a transformation of our factitious existence--whose value is no more potential -- into real existence. This happens through realization of that potential.

Alchemy n: a medieval chemical philosophy or art, having as its asserted aims the transmutation or transformation of base metals into gold. the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.

Ancestor to modern Chemistry, Alchemy was concerned with the processes of the transmutation and purification or distillation of the soul or spirit, ...

ALCHEMY is the practice of transmutation of base metals into precious metals (e.g., gold or silver) with the aid of an esoteric substance called the "philosopher's stone".

separate self, but utterly shatters it--not consolation but devastation, not entrenchment but emptiness, not complacency but explosion, not comfort but revolution--in short, not a conventional bolstering of consciousness but a radical transmutation ...

the physical medicine or elixir, not with those spiritual mysteries which have passed occasionally into expression under the peculiar symbolism of Alchemy. At the same time Ashmole is careful to explain his personal assurance that the transmutation ...

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