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The Unmanifest Absolute
Definition: The term "Unmanifest Absolute" is here used to define the essential, primary aspect of the Absolute Reality. "Unmanifest" because this cannot be explained in terms of any manifest reality, neither mundane nor transcendent.

unmanifested Perfection of the future-in Cosmic Activity. Both scepters represented-the drawing and directing-of the Creative Power-into universal substance-for special manifestation. They were radiant and beautiful even in the tapestry, and I could but wonder what they must have been-in Reality.

UNMANIFESTED The unmanifested is non-composite matter, thus non-atomized primordial matter as well as non-involved primordial atoms.

V ...

The word atziluth can be derived from the root ezel, meaning "near by", empasising the closeness of this world to the hidden, unmanifest En Soph.

of the uttered Word, where he speaks of Fohat as instru­ment of the Word, and where he points out to us that that which we utter is the Vaikari Vach - that is "the whole Kosmos in its objective form"[6]; for the whole Universe is but the uttering of the Word which is latent in the unmanifested ...

There is likewise in every human being a transcendent soul which, when the life cycle on earth has come and gone, and when the period of manifestation is over, becomes again the ~ and the formless, and which can also say: "I remain".

In the purest level we have the ~. Actually before the ~ there is nothing. From nothing comes the ~ which is energy in the state of being nothing. It is limitless and simply exists. This existence flows into various levels of manifestation.

Another way of looking at this division of His Essence is to compare the Absolute to daylight, in which ~ though essential state He would remain without something more gross or finite below that was able to reflect His qualities in their various hues.

The name of the god/dess rides the in breath, ~ed, in through your nose and down to your feet. Remain with breath held for a few seconds, and then let fly forward with the name, which rushes from the soles of your feet all the way out your hands and forward.

"Kether is the Malkuth of the ~."
So while Kether is "the First Cause" in the sense of being the first comprehensible point of manifestation, its cause is unknowable within the confines of the human mind (though this does not mean that it is absolutely unknowable), ...

Buddhi is the first principle derived from ~, prakrti (and predominant in sattva guna, ("intellectual stuff"), virtually transparent reflector for pure consciousness (purusa), with which buddhi mistakenly identifies.

On the plane of Atziluth (A 1 to A 10), the highest and most divine of all the created worlds, the ~ed AIN SOPH established His first point or dot in the Divine Sea--the three spheres of X.

" In the Kabala Adam Kadmon is the manifested Logos corresponding to our third Logos, the ~ed being the first paradigmic ideal man, and symbolizing the universe in abscondito, or in its "privation" in the Aristotelean sense.

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