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Deathbed Visions : is a phenomenon, whereby a dying person has an awareness of the presence of dead relatives or friends. These deceased persons who visit the dying, are said to visit at the time near death, to help the sick person 'cross over to the other side'.

The "Materialisms" Plane - four lower divisions
The following diagram, based on notes from the Argamon Center teachings, gives the details of the lower four of the seven divisions of the Material plane as understood by Theon.

Their Divisions.
Their three lower great divisions, beginning from the bottom, are generally called Kāma-devas, Rūpa-devas, and Arūpa-devas, which may be translated as angels of the astral [page 98] world, the lower heaven-world, and the higher heaven-world respectively.

"Visions and Dreams"
This is the only deck I endorse that uses Native American themes as its foundation. There are still some glaring problems with this deck, but overall, I enjoy it immensely.

9:X VISIONS OF ST. JOHN.--"Now, in plain words, what does this very occult book, the Apocalypse, contain?

Your ~ will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
Biography of Carl Gustav Jung
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Lead's ~ showed that access to God was available to anyone who ‘would come out of the Babylonish confusion', i.e. the ungodly world.

Ghostly ~ are proven to happen, whatever their nature may be, hallucinatory or otherwise; the manufacturing of gold has been achieved, if only in small quantities; mind powers have been researched and investigated by different countries and government agencies; ...

Deathbed ~ are paranormal experiences of the dying. Most commonly the ~ are apparitions of the dead or mythical or religious figures, and ~ of an afterworld.

Lateral di~ within a density, as in parallel universes.
Realms are bounded by a so-called frequency resonance envelope. A realm curtain or realm border as another word for a section of such an envelope.
The Wave is also called a realm border.

The three di~ of the Tabernacle should have a special interest to Freemasons, for they represent the three degrees of the Blue Lodge, while the three orders of priests who served the Tabernacle are preserved to modern Masonry as the Entered Apprentice, the Fellow Craftsman, ...

This notion of salvation, Simon says on the same page, "encapsulates all the principles of Kabbalah, all the traditions concerning the divine, knowledge of heaven, ~ of the prophets, and meditations of the blessed.

Erev Moshiach - a Jewish boy's ~ of the end of days
The Bible Prophecy Portal of the Internet
Prophecy Central: A World Of Information About Biblical Prophecy
Mark of the Beast
Michael Gilleland: The Number of the Beast: A Numerological Primer ...

They express skepticism of conventional moralities and Mozi's Utilitarian or Mencius' benevolence based re~.

But the cause that produces the ~ has to be sought deeper than physiology. All such, particularly when produced through mediumship, are preceded by a relaxation of the nervous system, generating invariably an abnormal magnetic condition which attracts to the sufferer waves of astral light.

Use of the Mystical Enchantment Web Site is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all pro~ of these terms and conditions, including without limitation this paragraph.

For example, the 3rd Ray flows through the Etheric/ buddhic Plane specifically through the two di~ of the zodiac which equate with the signs Gemini and Sagittarius, but when this energy descends into the Mental Plane, ...

Looking only at the lowest Circles, they have 3, 10 and 4 sub-di~. There are 3 pillars on the Tree of Life, 10 sefirot and, depending upon how we look at it, 4 sub-di~ of the Tree (which correlate to the 4 Worlds).

"Clear Seeing" - the ability to psychically obtain ~ and hence supposedly reliable information. The actual method used might be similar to , or the seer may experience an array of mental images without any sensation of being out of the body (e.g. ).

The mind ~, visualizes, concentrates the needed energy, and focuses the required attitude. Without necessarily being conscious of the results, the mind can triumphantly act as if the necessary alignment has been created. Constant repetition and focused attention provide the building blocks.

House : One of the twelve di~ of the celestial equator. Similar to the division of the ecliptic or zodiac into signs, and numbered one to twelve counterclockwise from the ascendant.

METAGNOMY is the divination using "~" received in a trance state.
METEOROMANCY is divination from meteors.
METOPOSCOPY is the reading of character using the lines if the forehead.

The Ascended Master teaches mankind from another plane using ~, dreams, etc., choosing the role of spiritual teacher rather than take the opportunity to be reincarnated in the material world. Many legends speak of groups of such beings that band together to work for global enlightenment.

Gunas (3) The three di~ of matter: Tamas (inertia), rajas (activity) and Sattva (Harmony).
Guru Spiritual teacher. A Master in metaphysical and ethical doctrines.

They presented their respective ~ of Freemasonry as a part only of a more comprehensive and continuing spiritual tradition: and more importantly, ...

While many believe they do not dream because of their inability to recall their ~, scientists have determined that everyone dreams while asleep, usually at ninety-minute intervals. Studies show that keeping dream journals can help you to remember your dreams.

I have here divided the listing of articles under a number of different approaches. Some may span the different di~ or be somewhat beyond categorisation, but these categories should help us narrow our seach and find an article relevant to our particular approach.

tale to have been truly told, there was nothing more likely to arise among the ship's company than the belief in the apparition; as the captain was a man of a passionate and irritable disposition, it was nowise improbable that he, the victim of remorse, should participate in the horrible ~ of ...

PATH, Universality of the - Every religion in the world emphasises the need of treading the Path or Way, lays down the same rules, is divided into similar di~ and stages, and holds out the same goal - reunion with the Divine. All roads lead to the centre.

THOUGHT The monad's active consciousness in the mental envelope (47:4-7). There are four ever higher main kinds of thinking: inference thinking, principle thinking, perspective thinking, system thinking, each one having many subdi~. (K 1.20.2ff) ...

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