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Closed form
A self-contained or explicitly limited form; Having a resolved balance of tensions and a sense of calm completeness implying a totality within itself.
Cluster houses ...

As Kahnweiler saw it, Cubism signified the opening up of closed form by the "re-presentation" of the form of objects and their position in space instead of their imitation through illusionistic means; ...

Also, his motifs change from an open to a closed form. Because his paintings do not have any given subject matter, this change of color and form is crucial. Consider how Rothko's darkened colors and closed forms affect the mood of his works.

Eventually there emerged the notion that modernist art is practised entirely within a closed formalist sphere, necessarily separated from, so as not to be contaminated by, the real world.

art is to preserve the values and sensibilities of humankind, it should try and detach itself from the wicked influences of the technological culture. Eventually this led to the notion of modernist art being practised entirely within a closed ...

Stockhausen called both of these possibilities "polyvalent form" (Stockhausen, Texte 1, 241-51), which may be either open form (essentially incomplete, pointing beyond its frame), as with Klavierstück XI (1956), or "closed form" (complete and ...

Further innovations and stylistic changes saw the continued use of casting and free-blowing to create a variety of open and closed forms that could then be engraved or facet-cut in any number of patterns and designs.

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Fine arts  Cloisonnism  CoBrA

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