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Figure-ground relationship

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Figure-Ground relationship
In a painting, the way in which an object or shape is related to the background against which we see it. Human perception normally operates in such a way the figure seems to advance, and lie in front of the background.

figure-ground relationship In a two-dimensional work, the relationship between a form or figure and its background.
fixative A thin liquid film sprayed over pastel and charcoal drawings to protect them from smudging.
fluting The shallow vertical grooves or channels on a column.

Black & white and the figure-ground relationship
Op art is a perceptual experience related to how vision functions. It is a dynamic visual art, stemming from a discordant figure-ground relationship that causes the two planes to be in a tense and contradictory juxtaposition.

Certain alternating figures may help to convey the potential confusion resulting from ambiguity in the figure-ground relationship. One is an alternating figure commonly called a "magic cube": the transparent cube in the see thumbnail belowcenter below. Which of its sides is nearest to you?

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