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Intermediate color

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Intermediate Color. A hue situated between a primary and secondary color on the color wheel.
Linear Perspective. See "Perspective."
Local Color. The real or true color as distinguished from the apparent color that exists due to shadows or reflections.

Intermediate colors
Obtained by mixing adjoining Primary and Secondary colors.
Kilns can be electric, of natural gas, wood, coal, fuel oil or propane. The kiln is the furnace used to fire ceramics or metal.

intermediate color A hue between a primary and a secondary on the color wheel, such as yellow-green, a mixture of yellow and green.

intermediate colors - Also known as tertiary color, they are produced by mixing unequal amounts of two primary colors. For example, adding more red to the combination of red and yellow will produce the intermediate color of red-orange.

Intermediate Color
A hue between a primary and a secondary color, such as yellow-green, a mixture of yellow and green.
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~s (Tertiary)
A color made by mixing a primary color with secondary color.
A functional art form that involves assemblage and/or sculptural techniques to create ornamental objects, i.e., metalsmithing, lapidary, enameling, beading.

Color wheel
A radial diagram of colors in which primary and secondary, and sometimes ~s are displayed as an aid to color identification, choosing, and mixing. The complement to each color is the color opposite that color on the color wheel.

The colors obtained by mixing equal amounts of two primary colors. The secondary colors in pigment are orange, green, and violet; in light, they're magenta, yellow, and cyan. Also see ~s, which are sometimes called tertiary colors.
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The combination of a primary color with a secondary color creates another color called a tertiary color. In this painting the artist used the tertiary color red-orange, along with the primary color yellow. Tertiary colors are also known as ~s.

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