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Narrative fresco cycles by Benozzo Gozzoli
Benozzo Gozzoli's (1420-1497) main works are three extensive cycles of frescoes.

Narrative painting has an element of literacy, whereas genre painting does not usually include a literate element.

Narrative Painting and Sculpture - Narrative painting and sculpture refers to art in which storytelling is the chief reason for the work's existence ...more info ...

Narrative art
Art that represents elements of a story. While history painting depicts famous events, genre painting depicts events of a more everyday sort.
Neo-Classicism ...

Narrative Art - The term "narrative art" has been used to describe a delightful form of visual storytelling. The foremost representative of the narrative art movement is Norman Rockwell.

Narrative painting. Type of painting which flourished in the 19th c; it relies on anecdotal subject matter to create interest.

Narrative Painting - A painting where a story line serves as a dominant feature.
Naturalistic - Descriptive of an artwork that closely resembles forms in the natural world. Synonymous with representational.

Narrative Conventions:
Techniques and strategies that allow story telling to emerge in visual form with different kinds of realities including real and imagined; the conscious and the subconscious; and the past, present, and, future.

narrative artwork: a work of art whose primary purpose is to tell a story.
naturalistic: art work that looks like the subject it is trying to represent.

Narrative art
Art which represents elements of a story. Genre and history painting are each types of narrative art. While genre paintings depict events of an everyday sort, history paintings depict famous events.

Term used to describe art that provides a visual representation of some kind of story, sometimes based on literary work.

A story or account of events or experiences.
Natural Materials ...

A story. The representation in art of an event or story.
Existing in or formed by nature.

A spoken, written, or visual account of an event or a series of connected events.

Narrative: Narrative refers to a story which is told through a work of art.
Naturalism: Naturalism refers to the tendency to depict trivial aspects of ordinary life during the 19th century throughout Europe.

By contrast, the narrative Surrealists which included Rene Magritte, Pierre Roy, Salvador Dali, and Paul Delvaux painted a precisely depicted, ...

In painting, narrative refers to the "story" which is being told by the image at hand. The narrative might be simple and straightforward, (as demonstrated in this presentation with the portrait of Sallie Taylor Smith).

Narrative poetry is a genre of poetry that tells a story. Broadly it subsumes epic poetry, but the term "narrative poetry" is often reserved for smaller works, generally with more appeal to human interest.

The narrative tradition rapidly gave way to independent images that were better suited to devotional practices. One of the earliest examples is a small bronze Buddha (2003.593.1) that can be dated to the first or second century A.D.

Other narrative scrolls of different type but of a related style were devoted to the lives of Japan's Buddhist saints or to Japan's often ferocious history, retailed sometimes satirically, sometimes highly dramatically.

Captions and narrative: Jan Komski with Alan Jacobs
Web design: Brave New Web ...

2 Detailed narratives were often conveyed via rows of scenes (not unlike a modern comic strip), depicting events both everyday (e.g. farmers harvesting grain) and supernatural (activities of the gods).

Paul Richmond narrative art acrylics & oils
Lindy G. Hanson abstract & whimsical acrylics
Mike Ivey photorealism oils & colored pencils ...

It is the lack of narrative and the lack of the unique and particular that deadens empathy and objectifies the women. Sherman in each image uses herself as an object, like a chair or a room that is constantly reworked by aspiring decorators.

content The meaning of an image, beyond its overt subject matter, including the emotional, intellectual, symbolic, thematic, and narrative connotations.

They eschewed allegory and narrative in favor of individualized responses to the modern world, sometimes painted with little or no preparatory study, relying on deftness of drawing and a highly chromatic pallette.

Unlike the other students, who rejected narrative in art, he enjoyed painting expressive details and arranging the composition in an orderly manner Holy Family (1909) depicts a falling out in a family of intellectuals.

His career thus falls naturally into three phases-or two phases of abstraction with a prolonged figurationist interlude-but this bland periodization fails to do justice to the unfolding narrative of his artistic discoveries.

Theresa of Avila, a popular saint of the Catholic Reformation, wrote narratives of her mystical experiences aimed at the nuns of her Carmelite Order; these writings had become popular reading among lay people interested in pursuing spirituality.

But makers of documentary works are generally expected to be as objective as possible, and Moore is unappologetic about shaping (by his choice of interviewees, questions to them, narrative, and editing) his works (by his choice of interviewees, ...

A modern aesthetic movement that rejects narrative content in art and turns to shapes in nature and machines for models of formal and functional autonomy.

The composition recalls early religious icons where the central figure of Christ or a saint would have been surrounded by some smaller narrative panels.

Greek artists used narratives, or stories, and made many portraits and other representational subjects. Greek architecture is famous for its temples.

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