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HumanitiesWeb.org - Glossary definition: Polychromatic Polychromatic
Having many colours; random or intuitive use of colour combinations as opposed to colour selection based on a specific colour scheme.

Having many colours; Random or intuitive use of colour combination as opposed to colour selection based on a specific colour scheme.
Polymer ...

Polychromatic. Having many colors, often seemingly at random.
Primary Colors. Hues that cannot be produced by mixing the other hues together, but can create all those other colors when mixed together.

polychromatic having many colours; multi-coloured.
popular culture: contemporary culture as defined by the objects, images, artefacts, literature, music, and so on of "ordinary" people.

Polychromatic - Having many colors, as opposed to monochromatic which means only one hue or color.

Saint Theresa, the focal point of the chapel, is a monochromatic marble statue (a soft white) surrounded by a ~ marble architectural framing concealing a window to light the statue from above.

Refers to (say) a picture painted in several colours; hence ~.
Primary colours
These are red, blue, and yellow; the colours that can be mixed to produce other "secondary" colours, but cannot themselves be produced from mixtures.

Under the influence of ~ printing from China, a new technique developed in the Enkyo era (1744-1748). After being printed in black-and-white, the sheet was printed once more in a second colour, usually red or green.

Various structures showcased the innovative style, including the Porte Monumentale entrance, an elaborate ~ dome with electronic lights designed by René Binet (1866-1911); the Pavillon Bleu, ...

He uses a great variety of color palettes from nearly monochromatic to highly ~. His works often have a fragile child-like quality to them and are usually on a small scale.

that images were being handed down to him not only when he first did the flag in 1954 but also when he first did targets and the figure 5 in 1955 and alphabets in 1956 and numbers and all-over grey brushstrokes in 1957 and sculpmetal bulbs and flashlights in 1958 and 0 through 9 and ~ ...

A term describing the use of multiple colors within one object; ~.

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