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Positive shape

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Positive Shape
Post-and-Beam System (post and lintel)
In architecture, a structural system that uses 2+ uprights or posts to support a horizontal beam (or lintel) that spans the space between them.

Positive Shape
The areas of a picture that show objects or figures as opposed to the background or space around the objects.
Post-and-Beam System (Post and Lintel) ...

positive shape A figure or foreground shape, as opposed to a negative ground or background shape.

The basic hues of the spectrum from which all of the other hues can be mixed.

Positive Shape
Positive Space
The space in a painting occupied by the object depicted (not the spaces in-between objects) ...

Negative space: the unoccupied or empty space left after the positive shapes have been laid down by the artist; however, because these areas have boundaries, they also function as shapes in the total design.

See also: See also: Perspective, Contour, Reproduction, Subject matter, Painting

Fine arts  Portraiture  Positive space

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