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Reproductions of Famous Paintings
Since the 1960s, the development of offset lithography, as well as the increasing sophistication of both photographic and computerized printing techniques, ...

Reproduction and mass advertising becomes the name of the game, and the actual quality of the artwork becomes secondary in our postmodern "who-cares-what-it-looks-like" jaded society.

Multi - Media Prints Mixed media prints are primarily a product of the past 30 years of printmaking. "Media" in art refers to the materials or artistic methods, such as oil or acrylic paint, brush or pallet knife.

A copy or replication of an original work of art, often mechanically produced.
Reprography ...

Reproduction of a Drawing by Duncant (Original Owned by E.)
Principles of Film Form ...

Reproduction: a copy of an original print or fine art piece. A reproduction could be in the form of a print, like an offset-lithographic print, or even reproduced in the same medium as the original, as in an oil painting.

reproduction - The act of reproducing; copying; creating a facsimile. The product of the act of reproducing, especially when it is significantly faithful in its resemblance to the form and elements of the original.
A quotation about reproduction: ...

Reproductions in Periodicals and Books
Kremen, I. Three collages. Reproduced in St. Andrews Review, 1977-78, Vol. 4, Nos. 3 & 4 (double issue), 127-129.

Reproduction - A mechanically produced copy of an original work of art (as distinct from replicas which are one-offs).
Semblance - A picture consisting of a graphic image of a person or thing.

The term used to refer to the copy of a fine art piece.

Reproduction. Copy of a painting or drawing made by some means which renders it capable of being printed m large numbers for the purpose of popularization. From the 17th to the late 19th c. engraving was the means of г.

RESTORATION - cosmetic repair of an object to recreate its original appearance.
SEASCAPE - A picture of a scene at sea or including the sea.

Before the introduction of photography, a work was reproduced by either copying it identically, or interpreting it as closely as possible if a different technique to that of the original was used.

[edit] Reproduction of works
Even though the number of travelling exhibition visitors from the provinces was increasing during the years, the main audience was the urban elite.

digital reproduction - a modern image processing technique in which scanned images in digital files are printed on photographic paper as digital outputs ...

Reproduction oil paintings of Vincent Van Gogh are a popular choice of wall art for the home. Van Gogh was a Post Impressionist. He was a prolific artist although his working career lasted just ten years.

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REPRODUCTION; similar definition to PRINT but usually more mechanical involvement and denoting importance of accurate duplication of second image from first image. Often indicates that the picture is mass production.

A reproduction of the painting - Wanderer Above a Sea of Mist - by the German Romantic artist Caspar David Friedrich, using Charcoal and White Pastel with a brush.
Learn to draw like the old masters
Lost/Found and Hard/Soft Edges ...

The reproduction of your photographs or paintings which are printed directly onto 100% pure cotton artist canvas.
Certificate of Authenticity ...

The reproduction of rhetorical gestures and the arrangement of the figures in the picture reveals the influences of northern Italian half length portraits such as those by Andrea Mantegna, ...

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Multiple Reproductions - A set of identical fine prints reproducing the image of an original artwork created by a non-printing process. Example: serigraph of an oil on canvas.

A copy or reproduction that is outside the numbered copies of the limited edition but may be numbered with the prefix AP. By custom, the artist retains the A/Ps for his personal use or sale and does not put an edition number on them.

Poster - A reproduction that is usually printed in unlimited quantities with a lower grade of paper and inks than a limited or open edition prints. Poster often include graphics.

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An early 19th century, pan-European movement in the arts and philosophy. The term derives from the Romances of the Middle Ages, and refers to an idealization of reality.

Subjects were usually portraits and sometimes landscapes, views of local attractions, or reproductions of works of art. The verso of the card was printed with the photographer's name and address.

The reproduction of Mona Lisa adorned with a mustache is a famous example. The movement is regarded as a precursor of Surrealism. Some critics regard HAPPENINGS as a recent development of Dada.

Reproduction of a Sopwith Camel biplane flown by Lt. ... Not to be confused with the Spanish Civil War of 1820-1823. ...

Unfortunately, the paintings were destroyed during the Second World War and only black-and-white reproductions of them remain. Over the next 5 years, Klimt would produce very few finished works, and all of them show his artistic evolution.

Printmaking normally covers only the process of creating prints with an element of originality, rather than just being a photographic reproduction of a painting.

Chronological list of Sienese painters and sculptors, leading to biographies and/or reproductions of artworks of each artist. Tour #8b Art of Duccio di Buoninsegna ...

They include such problems as the implicit racism of assuming the unreflectiveness of "primitive" peoples, and the irony that the very word "nature" means reproduction: nature is better at mass-production than any factory producing "inauthentic" ...

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