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In 1884, at the Salon des Independants in Paris, Georges Seurat revealed an intention similar to Cezanne's with paintings that showed more attention to composition than did those of the Impressionists and that delved into the science of colour.

The refusal of the Salon des Independants to exhibit Marcel Duchamp's Nude Descending a Staircase led to the launch of a breakaway group, the Section d'Or (Golden Section), with a large exhibition of 300 works in October 1912 at the Galerie de la Boetie.

In 1914 Malevich exhibited his works in the Salon des Independants in Paris together with Alexander Archipenko, Sonia Delaunay, Aleksandra Ekster and Vadim Meller, among others.

Rousseau could have seen such and such a work, particularly at the Salon des Independants where he showed regularly and at which he must have been a sedulous visitor. Did he see the Cezanne exhibition at Vollard's in 1895; did he frequent Durand Ruel or Bernheim Jeune?

Rousseau exhibited his final painting, The Dream, at the 1910 Salon des Independants a few months before his death on 2 September 1910 in the Hospital Necker in Paris.

Signac contributed annually to the ~. He was the first non-Belgian member of the avant-garde Brussels Société des XX, with which he showed for some years.

In 1888 he showed his work at the Les XX exhibition in Brussels and Theo Van gogh bought one of his paintings for the Goupil Gallery. In 1889 he exhibited at the ~ and became a regular at the newly opened Moulin Rouge.

By 1910, Piet Mondrian joined the Theosophical Society, a group of artists that believed in combining spirit and matter. His first work of Evolution (1910-1911), using larger bold forms instead of flowing landscapes, caught international attention when displayed at the ~ in ...

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