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Portraits of the Prague Jewish Community 1940-41
David Friedman produced hundreds of portraits after fleeing from Berlin to Prague at the end of December 1938.

org - Glossary definition: Unity Unity
The quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through the effective use of the elements and principles of design.

Unity is the underlying principle that summarizes all of the principles and elements of design.

Unity: and organization of parts so that all contributed to a coherent whole. It is the combined result of all principles of design.

unity. Total visual effect in a composition achieved by the careful blending of the elements of art and the principles of design.

A feeling of completeness is created by the use of elements in the artwork.
Shadows, darkness, contrasts and light are all values in artwork.

A principal of design referring to ways of combining art elements to achieve wholeness or total effect in works of art that is consequent upon the successful combining of all elements and constituent parts.
Universal Theme: ...

unity: refers to the visual quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through effective use of the elements of art and principles of design.
V ...

Like contrast, unity is an element that describes a relationship between two or more elements or objects within a composition.

A principle of design that gives oneness to a work of art through the repetition and balance of lines, shapes, colors, and textures in a composition. Unity balances variety.
Value ...

unity The appearance of similarity, consistency, or oneness. Interrelational factors that cause various elements to appear as part of a single complete form.

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Community Schools of the Arts ~ non-profit, non-degree granting, community-based institutions offering open access to quality arts instruction by professional faculty.

unity - The quality of wholeness or oneness that is achieved through the effective use of the elements and principles of design. A totality that combines all of its parts into one complete, cohesive whole.

unity - a sense of 'wholeness' or 'relatedness' achieved through various techniques such as repetition, gradation, alternation, or radiation of visual qualities.

A principle of design. Unity is the coherence of a work that gives the viewer the feeling that all the parts of the piece are working together.
The lightness or darkness of a colour.

A principle of design referring to the arrangement of a work in which all parts seem interrelated.
The element of art that refers to the lightness or darkness of an object or color.

The unity of Celtic art is witnessed by the many objects preserved in museums, which were made on the Continent from the end of the fifth century to the end of the first century BCE, and in the British Isles up to and including the Christian era.

The unity of all the visual elements of a composition achieved by repetition of the same characteristics.

The community of saints also extends onto the side panels. Magnificently arrayed horsemen, representing the Soldiers of Christ, are followed by the Just Judges.

Division-Unity, 1934
Sezon Museum of Modern Art,
Nagano, Japan
Kandinsky's first Paris pictures, which date from February 1934, are a continuation in many ways of his last work in Berlin.

Harmony - The unity of all the visual elements of a composition achieved by repetition of the same characteristics.

Dream of Peace and Unity: the Last Journey

collection "Frida" - Frida Kahlo ...

We have ample opportunity to become convinced that we are never in a position for recognizing any real utility in things and that we shall never succeed in constructing a really practical object.

A vaccine is an antigenic preparation used to establish immunity to a disease. ... Poliomyelitis (polio), or infantile paralysis, is a viral paralytic disease. ...

Born into the family of a provincial state clerk, Kramskoy had no opportunity to study art during childhood. At the age of 15 he became an apprentice to an icon-painter, a year later a photographer took him as a retoucher.

Symbols of unity proliferated as a result, and the eagle, with its majestic, visually simple form, served as the dominant emblem (59.89).

The ideal landscape which was intended to express a unity of atmosphere and perfect visual harmony was subordinated to academic laws to be respected by all artists.

The numerous portraits in the retinues accompanying the central group document the clients' intentions to have a piece of artistic evidence created of the community of German Christians in Italy.

Bartoluccio Ghiberti thereupon wrote to Lorenzo his son, who was then working in Pesaro, urging him to return to Florence, for this was an opportunity of making himself known and showing his skill.

They work with an army of workers to erect these works, and also work with the surrounding community to get permission and establish guidelines of what they can and cannot do, ...

points in community life which permit and even encourage expression of non-legitimated voice. One such juncture is the carnivalesque.

Arabesque art encapsulates two modes which act as a reflection of unity arising from diversity. The first mode recalls the values of Islam that govern the order of the world.

The philosophy underlying the teaching program was unity of all the visual and plastic arts from architecture and painting to weaving and stained glass.

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Canvas art prints offer the opportunity to enjoy all of the style, without the heavy price tag. Original canvas art is an expensive commodity these days. As is a one off original Armani. However, would you refuse an off the shelf Armani?

With all this texture it might be difficult to see the unity of this piece. In fact, what makes this abstract piece so coherent and unified is the fact that the canvas shares most of its space with light coloured paint spatters evenly spread out.

Founded in Weimar, Germany, in 1919 by the German architect Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus was an art school that offered a new concept in the education of artists and architects based on Gropius's belief in the unity of the arts.

Assemblage is composed of non-art materials, often found objects, that are seemingly unrelated but create a unity. It originated with Pablo Picasso and George Braque and Cubism. In 1913, they made the first Assemblage, which was a sheet metal guitar.

Their brief unity, however, had already made its mark on the history of art, although its importance was not fully recognized until decades later.

Purity in art can be achieved through simplicity and unity. Minimalism is a primarily American art movement often characterized as a reaction to the Second World War.

of France, disastrous in the extreme to the material welfare of his own subjects, full of untold misery to the poor, and of oppression to the growing community of artisans and traders, was nevertheless, as regards literature and the arts, ...

He then traveled to Pont Aven, a small community in Brittany where he chose to study peasant life. Gauguin believed that the people in this deeply religious region of France were closer to nature and more sincere than those in the city of Paris.

The fact that Untitled (Sisters, Two Great Ladies) is a black and white photograph may misleadingly emphasize the illusion of unity, since differing colors are invisible.

The young adults who participate in these conservation trips are paid per sapling planted, but what keeps them returning, says the artist, is the rewarding sense of community and connection to the land that the hard work engenders.

He returned to North Africa, formed a monastic community, and became bishop of Hippo. He produced many writings including works on the Trinity and on Grace.

andreams I'm a mama, wife, daughter, artist, writer, coffee drinker and community volunteer. My life is not conventional - nor has it ever been.

The major American painter of the 18th century, West studied in Italy and England, where he may have had the opportunity to study some of Poussin's paintings.

Together the group discussed politics, community affairs, and social problems. Many feel as though the groups feelings towards life was the core of the Surrealism art movement.

He has the opportunity to view the composition full-size and the ability to make adjustments fairly quickly without having to deal with color.

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The members of Die Brucke adopted a bohemian lifestyle and lived as an artistic community in a working class district of Dresden, deliberately isolating themselves from the 'comfortably established'.

Utopia is an ideal community or society possessing a perfect socio-politico legal system. The concept, being ideal, is often explored and imagined in artistic production..
Vaudeville ...

In December 1872, the Seine overflowed its banks at the small village of Port-Marly. The opportunity to paint the watery reflections of a rain-heavy sky lured both Alfred Sisley and Claude Monet.

Lorraine taught acrylic painting at the Murray Harbour Community School for two years, and is based on Prince Edward Island on the south east coast bordering on Northumberland Strait, with an ocean view for inspiration.

In two-dimensional works of art, the visual unity, yet separability, of a form and its background. Also see figuration and figurative.
A flat brush with a rounded point.

SWA - The Society of Women Artists (SWA) was established in 1855, to give talented women artists an opportunity to exhibit their work.

Harlem Renaissance : The Harlem Renaissance was a flowering of African-American social thought and culture based in the African-American community forming in Harlem in New York City (USA).

Composite art represents a new way of finding wholeness and unity. It is a form of creative art that can dissolve boundaries and limitations, propose new possibilities, embrace multiple viewpoints and introduce novel ways of story-telling.

It was a style to perfectly express the higher mystical unity between humankind and the universe. Translated as the Style it was the form of abstraction developed by Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg about 1914-17.

Composition: The arrangement of the design elements within the design area; the ordering of visual and emotional experience to give unity and consistency to a work of art and to allow the observer to comprehend its meaning.

Constructive postmodernism claims to offer a new unity of scientific, ethical, aesthetic, and religious intuitions.

The principle of visual organization that suggests that certain elements should assume more importance than others in the same composition. It contributes to the organic unity by emphasizing the fact that there is one main feature and that other ...

Chapter house. Large room in a cathedral or monastery where the chapter (governing body) met to discuss and decide on matters concerning the religious community.
Chasuble. Outer vestment worn by officiating priest at mass.

Because the essential characteristic of High Renaissance art was its unity--a balance achieved as a matter of intuition, ...

By exposing yourself to abstract art and the many paintings available, you'll be able to apply what you've learned on your own. Furthermore, you'll get the opportunity to chat with artists and talk about their artwork.

A strip of planned or protected open space, consisting of recreational parks, farmland or uncultivated land used to define and limit the boundaries of a community and prevent urban sprawl.
Grisaille ...

Integration - In art, the word integration is used to encompass the following: unity, harmony, consistency, coherency and compatibility ...more info ...

He painted murals for public buildings and produced illustrations and cover designs for many black publications including The Crisis and Opportunity.

There is huge satisfaction in such a process based form of drawing. You start with a scrappy looking sketch which, taken through a number of techniques, provides you with the opportunity to select, improve and develop an image.

Today, classical is used to describe European concepts of perfection of form, with an emphasis on harmony and unity and restraint of emotion. Usually, it is applied to works that are representational but idealistic.

cause, which leadsone to suppose that such an undertaking has defeated him and isproportionately more or less unfavourable to the Revolution).... It isof particular interest that the author of Les Paris SontOuverts has taken the opportunity of ...

Again, the context is crucial: the Constructivists sought an art of order, which would reject the past (the old order which had culminated in World War I) and lead to a world of more understanding, unity, and peace.

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