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A table of VO2max norm values is available here
VO2max test scores from different sports
fitness test records for the VO2max and Shuttle Run Test ...

Aerobic Endurance
Aerobic means 'with oxygen'. During aerobic work, the body is working at a level that the demands for oxygen and fuel can be meet by the body's intake. The only waste products formed are carbon dioxide and water.

Aerobic endurance -- The ability to continue aerobic activity over a period of time.
Aerobic power -- See maximal oxygen uptake.

Aerobic endurance, while average in Taekwon-do athletes is less important than anaerobic endurance. In fact studies have shown that Taekwon-do practice has a minimal effect on cardiovascular fitness (1,2,4).

All aerobic endurance activities, like running, bicycling, swimming, and cross-country skiing, are essentially contests to see how much oxygen your body can deliver to your exercising muscles.

Like aerobic endurance and muscle strength, flexibility provides anti-aging benefits.
Who: Everyone can learn to stretch, regardless of age or flexibility.
When: ANY time is a good time ...

Basic aerobic endurance training that follows the ACSM's recommended guidelines for cardiorespiratory fitness training is known to improve VO2max.

Improving aerobic endurance running is possible for long periods, by the basic principle that experts advise carrying out repetitive type training.

Increases Aerobic Endurance
Delay Muscular Fatigue- Train Harder & Longer
Allmax and Anabolic Extreme make good standalone Beta Alanine products.

Loss of muscle strength: Up to 50 percent
Loss of aerobic endurance: Up to 50 percent
Comeback Time: 12 weeks ...

A strength and conditioning program should prioritize the importance of agility, speed, aerobic endurance, strength, power, flexibility, balance and coordination.

People looking to increase aerobic endurance
People looking to increase anaerobic endurance ...

Strength training is the use of resistance or weights to work a particular muscle group, building its strength, anaerobic endurance and size. You may know what works for you in terms of an exercise plan or you may be looking to begin a new regime.

You can build strength and aerobic endurance.
You can burn calories and lose weight.
It is good for people who have little time to exercise. Workouts can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.
You can do circuit training at home or at a gym.

Cardio-respiratory endurance is the same thing as aerobic endurance. It means using your heart and lungs nonstop. When you exercise, your heart beats faster, sending more needed oxygen throughout your body.

Pyruvate seems to greatly reduce fatigue associated with exercise, improve aerobic endurance times, reduce body fat, and seems to increase muscle mass, power, and strength when combined with creatine.

Cardiorespiratory Fitness - Also called aerobic endurance or aerobic fitness.
Cardiovascular Density - The size and number or blood vessels and capillaries capable of transporting oxygen to cells and removing waste from cells.

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The range required to improve aerobic endurance is higher than that needed for fat burning, between 75 and 85 percent of your heart-rate reserve.

Having a strong core will allow you to increase your aerobic endurance, because you can exercise longer once you enter the fat burning level.

increases muscles contractility;
improves aerobic endurance;
improves fat metabolism
consistent benefits shown ...

One of the most effective exercises of them is the strength training exercise, which is actually the use of the resistance to muscular contraction in building the strength, anaerobic endurance and size of skeletal muscles.

Most research to date has not demonstrated a significant connection or difference in aerobic capacity, anaerobic capacity, aerobic endurance, or muscle strength during the menstrual cycle of female athletes.

But by condensing your workout into a perfectly designed 15-minute total-body pump, you can rev up your metabolism and burn massive amounts of fat (for the other 23 hours and 45 minutes of the day!) while building your aerobic endurance and ...

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Fitness  Aerobic activity  Aerobic exercise

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