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Chest fly

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The chest fly is a great exercise to strengthen and tone the muscles of the chest. To perform it properly, it is important that you have the right type of bench in order to achieve optimal results. Once the basic chest fly becomes too easy, try alternating hands in order to shake up your workout.

How to Do a Chest Fly on Stability Ball
How to Do a Chest Fly on Stability Ball ...

Chest Flyes with Leg Raise
Lie on ball holding dumbbells straight up, palms facing in (neutral grip). Extend one leg and, keeping it extended, lower arms down to chest level (parallel to floor). Contract chest to pull arms back to starting position.

Chest fly
Chest and shoulders
How to do it
1) Place the centre of a resistance band underneath a stability ball on a mat.

Chest fly
A. Lie face up on a bench in the same position as for the Chest Press, this time holding the dumbbells parallel to each other.

Chest Flyes: lie on a flat bench, holding a pair of dumbbells over your chest with your palms facing each other. With your elbows slightly bent, lower your arms out towards your side. Stop when your elbows are at a 90-degree angle and your forearms are perpendicular to your body.

Chest Fly
Lie across the ball with your head and shoulders supported on the ball and your legs bent with heals about two feet from ball. Extend arms overhead with palms facing each other.

SETUP: Sit on the ball holding your medium weights and roll out until your shoulder blades touch the ball. Squeeze your glutes, bridging your hips up toward the ceiling. Check that your ribs are not flared out which will compress the low back.

Chest Fly
Targets: Chest, arms
Difficulty: Advanced
How to: If there's any exercise that will make you feel like you have wings, this is it. Face away from the anchor with feet shoulder-width apart.

The chest fly is performed while lying face up on a bench or standing up, with arms outspread holding weights, by bringing the arms together above the chest. This is a compound exercise for the pectorals. Other muscles worked include deltoids, triceps, and forearms.

Seated Chest Fly Machine
What it's supposed to do: Train chest and shoulders.
What it actually does: It can put the shoulder in an unstable position and place excessive stress on the shoulder joint and its connective tissue.

Chest Flye
1) Sit in upright position on flexaball with feet flat on floor.
2) Walk feet forward allowing flexaball to roll underneath body until it is positioned on mid to upper back region (you may rest head on flexaball). Raise hips to create a "table top" position parallel to floor.
3) Start ...

Chest Flys
The chest fly is an isolation exercise that puts stress on the inner part of the chest.

Passing Chest Fly
This double duty move targets your chest, shoulders, and, of course, your abs, as your obliques have to work hard help stabilize your torso in opposition to the weight.

3A) Cable Chest Flye
Sets: 3 Reps: 8-12
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Horizontal Chest Fly/Reverse Fly (targets chest and upper back): Lift your arms up and out to the side toward the top of the surface of the water. With your palms facing forward, close the arms to the front and then return back to the starting position.

Slideboard Chest Flye
Sculpt a bigger, stronger upper-body with this variation of a chest fly. Because you'll slip along a sliding surface, this will be harder than a fly with dumbbells.
How to do it: ...

Suspension trainer chest fly
Think of yourself doing a chest fly with a cable. The big different is that you are lowering your body down towards the ground. The first time I did these I was surprised at how hard they were, and how shaky my body was.

Can also be used as chest fly, by slightly bending elbows and bringing hands together in front of you, like you are hugging a tree.
Row: Wrap resistance band around the leg of your desk. Sit facing it, both feet on ground, and abs pulled in.

An individual can pair similar muscle groups by performing two or more chest exercises back to back without rest such as bench press and chest flyes or an individual can pair opposite muscle groups by performing chest and back exercises such as bench press and pull-ups.

This movement is similar to how you would do chest flyes if you were lying down on a bench. Hold a pair of dumbbells out in front of your body. Keep your elbows bent at all times. Open your arms as wide as you comfortably can and then return your arms to the starting position.

It is almost standard bodybuilding practice to do isolation exercises like chest flyes or concentration curls to "shape" or define your muscles, ...

Additionally, the inclusion of various chest fly exercises are also in order for attaining full development of the chest. I personally find that fly work helps carve in those chest striations as well as pump up the chest even more after the compound chest exercises (i.e.

After a few sessions switch the type of exercise you are doing. Instead of a chest fly do a decline bench, then latter do an incline bench. Instead of a close grip lat. pull down do a seated row, but keep the same basic order, working the larger muscles to the smaller muscle.

Best Chest Exercises For Men
The bench press and chest fly exercises are the best chest exercises for men. Let us understand the importance of chest exercises, and the information about how to perform these exercises.

The fix: Alternate free weights one day and then machines the next time you work that same body part. For example, on a machine day, use the chest fly machine, but then swap in dumbbell chest presses at your next workout.

In today's creative performance, the Dragon Master has the Welsh Dragon go even further. The latter does a row with a Cybex chest flye machine, pulling the handles both back and toward each other in a limited movement that targets his middle back.

You won't find trainees devoting any time to dumbbell bicep curls or chest flyes. This is a good thing for public awareness of exercise.

Suspension training offers hundreds of exercises that challenge every part of the human body. You can use a suspension trainer for basic exercises such as biceps curls, triceps extension and chest flys but also for exercises that wouldn't be possible without a trainer like the suspended crunch or ...

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