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Set Noun Synonyms: set down, place, put, situate, locate, site, plant, position, station, stand, lay, install or instal, lodge, mount, park, deposit, plump, drop, plunk or plonk (down)
Set Verb Synonyms: establish, fix, fasten on, appoint ...

Set Goals And Live Your Dream
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Why You Must Find Your Passion, Set Goals And Live Your Dream by Saleem Rana ...

Set Your Rear Deltoids On FIRE!
by Nick Nilsson
Target: Rear Delts. One Simple Movement And They'll Be Burning! ...

Set an Exercise Goal & Make a Plan
If you’re ready to start getting active, it’s time to set goals and make a plan.

1. Set Your Overall Goal
Determine how much weight you have to lose. If you are not sure what your goal weight should be, discuss it with your doctor. You can also aim at losing 10 percent of your current body weight as a starting point.

Main set
This is only 400 meters of swimming, but the challenge is to swim each 50 at "race pace.

Ready, Set, Prep

Movement prep can help you get the most out of strength training.

As a set begins, with each repetition, you gradually exhaust the targeted muscle's momentary ability to generate force. As the set's final rep begins, this momentary ability is on the verge of being completely spent.

How To Set Up A Home Gym
A home gym is a place where you exercise and lift up weights, in short, it is a compact unit of equipments which allows you to perform different exercises at home.

Extended Set Techniques
Written by Jim Brewster
The concept of progressive overload is one of the most important in bodybuilding.

Articles > Weight Training > One Set to Failure
The issue of doing one set to failure can be viewed a few different ways.

Indoor Cycling: The Breakdown on Bike Set-Up
If you are looking for a cardio workout that offers a big calorie payoff with minimal impact on your hips, knees and ankles, indoor cycling is a great option that delivers on both fronts.

This is the sequence of an in-set superset - lying tricep extension then up to the start position, then close grip press, then to the start, then back down to lying tricep extension.

First Lady Michelle Obama is attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously doing jumping jacks. In honor of her world-record attempt, here's a look at more amazing record-setting fitness feats.
By Annie Hauser ...

net > Store > Posters > Poster Set
These high-quality, full-color posters complement the Flexibility for Sport and Fitness videos, ...

How to Get a Complete Workout With One Set of Dumbbells
We'll show you how to work your whole body with just two weights -- seriously.

Set a regular bedtime. Going to bed at the same time each night signals to your body that it's time to sleep. Waking up at the same time every day can also help establish sleep patterns.

Set goals and celebrate them
When you set a goal to get fit, the "big idea" is to build towards a healthier lifestyle that you can adopt for the long-haul.

Set Goals
Setting Goals (And Objectives)
Goal setting is the art that makes everything else possible. It adds aim to energy, focuses effort and, for some, structures time.

Set a Realistic goal: Progress and Build Gradually
Setting the right stamina goal is key to progress and injury-free running. Most beginners get injured for one main reason: Doing too much too soon.

Set a goal. First, ask your doctor how long you'll be sidelined.
To avoid workout withdrawal, find out what else you can do to stay in shape and set a doable goal to achieve by the time you're all healed up. Let's say swimming gets a green light.

Set Your Plan Into Action
It's true that most of us were never taught goal-setting as a kid. However, this doesn't mean it's not necessary to practice today.

Set Motivating Weight Loss Milestones
Once you determine your healthy body weight, you can mark that on one end of the chart as your goal.

Set Goals
First of all you need to set goals. Clear and measurable goal pave the way toward greater fitness results.

Set Daily Goals
In the morning, write down one thing that you want to accomplish that day. People who set long term goals tend to give up because their goal is not being accomplished in one day.
Work Out with a Friend ...

Set Fixed number of repetitions. For example, 10 repetitions may comprise one set.

Set small goals
Unrealistic goals can be daunting and could set you up for failure. 'One important piece of advice I always give my clients is to not feel overwhelmed when they're starting a training plan,' says Finney.

Set a new goal!
Working out to stay in shape is fine, but setting a goal -- such as finishing a 10k race or completing a rough water swim -- will give your daily workouts more meaning.
Treat yourself to a workout gadget or accessory! ...

SET 2: Swim 8 x 25 with a focus on a longer body line. Then swim 100, 75, 50, and 25 yards. (Take the same rests as above.) Swim the 100 very easily. Count your strokes and divide by 4. That number serves as your benchmark for the rest of the set.

Set a Goal
Before you can figure out how you'll get fit, you have to think about what fitness means to you. What exactly are you working toward? Maybe you want to complete a marathon, triathlon or an obstacle course race.

Set A set is a certain number of repetitions performed consecutively without rest. For example, while doing push-ups you might wish to perform one set of twenty repetitions.

Set some ground rules. Avoid difficulties or hurt feelings by outlining some rules of play. Agree on workout times/dates and establish the protocol if one of you needs to cancel.

Set Obtainable Goals
Write down 5 short term goals in the present tense. Write goals that you know you can achieve within a week or a month time period. Create a detailed plan for success.

Set - A number of repetitions of a movement, such as an arm curl or a squat. A set may have 8 reps, for example.

Set aside time for exercising: Just like you make time to cook or attend a PTA meeting, budget time for your workout. Dedicate at least 45 minutes.

Set Concealer with Powder for Lasting Coverage
When you have the look you desire, simply dust a fine loose powder over your face to set the makeup. Use a round fluffy brush to apply the loose powder, for best results.

Set - A collection of reps for an exercise or movement.
S/B/D or SBD - Short hand for Squat, Bench Press, and Deadlift.
SL - StrongLifts 55, a beginner level strength training program.

Set - Group of reps (lifting and lowering a weight) of an exercise after which you take a brief rest period.

A set is a number of repetitions (or reps) of an exercise performed in a row.
Sprawling ...

Set- A basic unit of a workout containing the number of times (repetitions) a specific exercise is done (e.g. do 3 sets of 5 repetitions with 100 pounds).

Set Goals
Setting goals for staying physically fit is important. These goals can be as small as making sure to do some kind of activity three times a week and as large as wanting to join the ski team.

Set A series of consecutive repetitions, of a given exercise, performed as a group.
Soft Tissue Usually referring to myofascial tissues, or any tissues that do not contain minerals (such as bone).

DO Set Social Media Goals
Setting realistic and attainable goals can help you monitor your efforts and understand what is working and what isn’t. You can then adapt your strategy from there.

3. Set realistic targets - Don't be unrealistic when it comes to change. It's important to set targets that you can actually reach. This is no longer a dream, but a reality.

Set a Time Limit
Where is it written that you have to spend two hours in the gym?

9. Set achievable and fun goals. 1 more pushup per week, more veggies each day, one fun hike per month, a karate class within two weeks. Having short term goals keeps you positive and moving forward towards your ultimate goal.

Set Goals
Set a goal for yourself, perhaps four to six weeks. By breaking up your time into workable chunks of time instead of looking out an entire year, ...

Hard Set
Perform a prescribed number of repetitions of an exercise using maximum effort.
Health and Wellness Promotion
Altering lifestyles and environmental factors with the intent of improving quality of life.

Drop Set: Performing repetitions at a certain weight, then immediately dropping the poundage and continuing without rest for several sessions.
Duration: According to Fitness Terminology, this is the "time span" of training sessions.

Tri set - When three exercises are performed one after the other. If a training program includes a tri set, it will be represented by an 'a,' 'b,' and 'c' next to the number.
Type I muscle fiber - See slow twitch muscle fiber.

Easy Set
Workout sets are often placed into two categories: easy and hard. An easy set is one that involves activities that are not intense. Generally speaking, the heart rate when performing these activities is between 68 and 92 beats per minute.

Third set: 1 x 8 repetitions:
Now, we're starting to get into heavier weight but at this stage you shouldn't be anywhere near your maximum. Yep, you shouldn't be approaching failure or having a super hard time with this set.

Super set - Alternating back and forth between two or more exercises until a number of sets are completed.

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Ready, Set, Go
Phil Campbell, the author of Ready, Set, Go, shows readers step-by-step how to improve fitness, increase energy, lose, cut, and tone in the most efficient way possible.

Set the lap distance in meters (default is 20)
This is an example of setting the number of laps for a particular stage (stage 3 in this case). If this is not set, the standard beep test defaults are used.

Set the mood with the
Delight the musically inclined person on your list with a selection of classical or new age music CD's.

Set Goals: set specific realistic and attainable short and long term goals for your running
Train to Accomplish Goals: plan and accomplish training sessions that will allow for goal achieval ...

Set the foundation with a loose powder using a puff or powder brush. If the blemishes still appear, you can repeat the same process. Make sure you don't over do the foundation or multiple layers of foundation will have a thick cake effect.

Set specific Goals!
You might be thinking: "I have heard about this goal setting mumbo jumbo before. It can't possibly work. If it were so easy, everyone would do it." Well listen, I really do not know what you might have heard before.

Set aside specific times (down to the minute!) for your workout and let nothing short of an A-bomb interfere.
3. Define Your Home Gym Workout Goals
Sit down and write out your workout goals.

Set realistic goals for your exercise routine, or you will get disheartened. Sita's goal was not to straight away jog ten rounds of the park. Do this, and you will lose heart before long.

Set your feet parallel and spread them as far apart as possible. Fold your arms at the elbows, and bend forward while trying to reach the ground with your folded arms. Make sure you don’t pressure your lower back.
Bent Over Hang ...

Set up a place in your home where you can easily access your gym equipment. For example: A weights / resistance area eg.. dumbbells, barbells and a fitball. Make sure you've got plenty of room on all sides of where you'll be training.

Set a daily minimum for each lift: the minimum weight you must lift each time you enter the gym. 85% of your max is a good starting point.

Set a date on which you are going to give up and get prepared for that day.

A set of breathing exercises called Buteyko breathing techniques has been reported to significantly reduce the need for prescription drugs for people with asthma.

Set your calorie intake at a level above or below the above estimation depending on whether you want to gain or lose weight, respectively. For fat loss, we suggest a deficit of 20-35% in most cases. For muscle gain, we suggest a surplus of 10-25%.

One set of lat pull downs for 20 to 25 reps;
One set of shoulder presses for 20 to 25 reps;
One set of squats or leg presses for 20 to 25 reps; ...

Do a set of chin ups for as many reps as you can
Rest a minute
Do a set of dips for as many reps as you can
Rest a minute
Do a set of decline bench sit ups for as many reps as you can ...

Easy Set
Exercise not close to maximum effort, as in a warm-up.
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Super Set - Alternating back and forth between two exercises until the prescribed number of sets is completed.
Supination - Rolling motion of the feet onto the outer edges. Typical of high-arched, stiff feet. Also called "under pronation." ...

How to Set Up a Cardio Program
See More About: overtraining - injuries - healthy exercise - recovery. If you're starting an exercise program, one of the first things you'll want to do is set up your ...

Do one set of dumbbell chest presses on a flat bench to work the mid, upper, and lower chest equally.
Incline it to 45 degrees for the next set
Then decline it to 30 degrees below flat, for the final set.

How to Set Weight Loss Goals
How long does it take to lose weight?
Losing Those Last Few Pounds
10 Reasons it's Hard to Lose Weight
Why You're Not Losing Weight
Should You Ditch the Scale?

Ready, Set ... Hike
Fit In a Minute: The Best Friend Workout
Ready, Set ... Hike
View all ...

You can set a specific day for each workout, e.g. Monday - Chest and Triceps. Or you can start the routine on say Monday and the proceed taking a rest day when your body demands it.
I do it this way.

Personal Set of Kettlebells
The last thing you are going to need for kettlebell routines is, duh, kettlebells! ...

Get a new set of running clothes. Remember, when you look good, you feel good and also you deliver better.
Coming to socks, get socks specially designed for running. Do not buy cotton socks as these would only cause blisters.

RPE can set you free
So, lets start using the RPE scale to help you shed the weight of your clunky heart rate monitor and get more hip to the beat. YES, exercise is trendy! Use these easy steps to get you to started: ...

Treadmill set at an incline: Walking alone is a great cardiovascular exercise; however when you set the treadmill at an incline, you are going to get more bang for your buck. By doing this, you are forcing your lower body to work much harder.

Workouts may occupy a few minutes or hours, and may be continuous exercise, a set of reps or repeated movements, or a set of sets. A complete training session usually lasts an hour or two and consists of one or more workouts.

Hand Exercise Set ( Warning-up )
Exercise 1.
Stand up with your legs at a little distance from one another. Clasp your hands and move your arms forward down till they are straight in the elbows.

set a sequence of one or more complete performances of a movement, or rep done as a unit with minimal or no pause in between. When you pick up a barbell, curl it ten times, and then put it down, that is one set of ten reps.

Polar Team2 Pro set solution is official heart rate training system for the Atlanta Falcons.
Polar USA. September 7, 2011.
New Polar Move heart rate monitor for students facilitates effective and safe physical education.
Polar USA. September 1, 2011 ...

Perform A Drop Set
Second, the next way that you can boost the intensity of your upper body workout is to consider a drop set.

Who doesn't love a set of big, broad shoulders? There's nothing more impressive than a big set of shoulders to top of the a 'V' shaped torso.

For the Advanced Set
Dance workouts are an easy way to motivate beginning exercisers who enjoy music and dancing to get fit and stay fit.

(If you fall over during a set, you aren't going to be able to get much out of the exercise.) But it also means getting a balance between the various parts and muscles of the body.

Use a set of water dumbbells that have built-in flotation pads. Wear neoprene (rubber-like) water gloves to increase resistance to your moves and intensify your heart rate during your aquatic workout.
4. Acquire a supply of hand weights.

You will find that through proper breathing, you will actually add a few reps to each set, thus giving you a better workout! So what is the proper way of breathing? Well, that depends on the exercise that you are doing.

always aim high, because if you set a goal and sell yourself short, you really are cheating yourself. I think that being afraid of failure is very detrimental to success. It’s okay to set a goal that you think is outside your reach.

(B) Set the two-by-four about four to six inches in the middle of the power rack. Set a barbell on the rack so that it is about four to six inches lower than your glutes.

Drain and return to the pan, then cover and set aside to keep warm.
3. Once ready to cook, place a wok or large frying pan on a very high heat and, once hot, add the pork and the marinade.

In other words, do one set of bench presses, then a set of rowing, then bench presses, etc. until you have done 3 to 5 of each then move on to the next group. This allows one group of muscles to rest while you work the opposing group.

39 Appetite was defined as the "willingness to eat" and hunger as the "perception of bodily sensations which can be relieved by eating", both of which fit a set of conditions which induce one to eat.

The ACSM outlines that if your aim is to improve muscular endurance you should work with a minimum of 1 set between 10-15 reps.

If you are a member of a health club or gym, you can ask a personal trainer to set you up on a golf-specific program. Otherwise, ask to be shown torso rotation, rotator cuff, and forearm exercises to add to your general conditioning program.

A group of repetitions. If you do 5 repetitions in a row and then stop, that is one set of 5 repetitions.
The amount of effort you are expending.
How correctly you are doing the exercise.

If you choose to work on your abs every time you go to the gym, don't go till failure on every set. Do 3-6 sets on a lighter weight and move on to another muscle group.

See also: See also: Exercise, Fitness, Health, Workout, Muscle

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