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Arrowhead Plants
Arrowhead Plant Care: Arrowhead Plant Or Syngonium Podophyllum ...

Arrowheads prefer high humidity. Try to keep these plants away from hot air vents and fireplaces.
Pests ...

( Arrowhead Sugar Maple )
Acer saccharum is a large maple best known as the source of maple syrup. 'Arrowhead' has a dense, upright, pyramidal form and reaches 60 feet tall, spreading up to 30 feet. Mature bark is deeply furrowed, gray brown.

To encourage compact growth, arrowhead vines need plenty of light. In lower light it will lose its compact form. For best color of the leaves, give plenty of light as it makes the variegation more pronounced.

Arrowhead Vine
Syngonium podophyllum
Fast growing to 30". Easy plant for bright light (not sun) or light shade. Allow rich, well draining soil to dry before watering. Pinch tips to induce bushiness. Variegated varieties are available.

Arrowhead Alpines draws business from around the world for its rare and unusual perennials, alpines, rock garden plants, dwarf conifers and wildflowers. 1310 N. Gregory Rd., Fowlerville (517/223-3581; arrowhead-alpines.com) ...

Arrowhead (Sagittaris latifolia)
Jennifer Anderson; USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database ...

Arrowhead, Sagittaria sagittifolia
Arugula, rocket, Diplotaxis erucoides
Asparagus, Asparagus officinalis
Chicory, Cichorium sp.
Comfrey, Symphytum sp.
Earth Pea, Lathyrus tuberosa
Elephant Garlic, Allium ampeloprasum ...

Arrowhead vine
Syngonium podophyllum
These small plants are bushy and later, creeping or climbing. They may be kept at a low light level, but they are denser at a medium level.
Asparagus ferns ...

* Arrowhead or duck potato (Sagittaria latifolia). Harvest starchy tubers in fall when the tops die and the plant is dormant. Peel and boil or bake like potatoes.

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Arrowhead Vine-How to Grow Syngonium
Best Silver Foliage Plants
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Silver Foliage Pictures - Plants With Silvery Leaves ...

How to Kill Mealybugs on an Arrowhead Plant
Mealybugs are scale insects in the families Pseudococcidae and Eriococcidae. These small, oval bugs secrete a waxy material that conceals and protects them from predators while they feed on plants.

'Bronze Arrowhead' (35 days for baby lettuce) This Arrowhead scores a perfect for form and color, developing a gorgeous oak leaf rosette in a dance of green and bronze. A good variety for baby lettuce salads and cut and come again culture.

Everything from dracenas and philodendrons to mother-in-law's tongues (sanseveria) to arrowhead plant and Chinese evergreens, they can be planted in the ground for the season, or their pots can be interspersed in the outdoor landscape.

Their ornamental arrowhead shaped leaves come in a variety of pattern and colour combinations which includes green, white, pink and red. The plant size may vary from 15 to 60 cm in length.

Lemon balm:Melissa officinalis is a short, clumping herb whose bright green, arrowhead-shaped leaves have a strong, zippy-clean lemon scent.

One tall, spiky plant, such as arrowhead (Sagittaria spp.), dwarf papyrus (Cyperus prolifer) or corkscrew rush (Juncus effusus), with lowergrowing floating plants, such as water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) or water lettuce (Pistia stratiotes), ...

Native prairie cordgrass, arrowhead and iris-like sweet flag are excellent choices. Parrot's feather, aquatic mint and Aeschynomene fluitans are charming novelty-like plants that don't need to be potted and drape nicely out of a half barrel.

Edible plants for your pond include watercress, water chestnuts, and arrowhead or Wapato. If your pond is at least three feet deep, you can experiment with wild rice, water lotus, and water lily.

Later leaves are alternate, arrowhead-shaped and with unevenly-toothed edges. At the top of the plant, the leaves become long and narrow. All of the leaves are pale green and covered with white, mealy granules that give the appearance of frost.

Viola betonicifolia or Arrowhead Violet is a low growing, herbaceous perennial native Australian plant. It grows as a rosette, has arrow-shaped leaves and showy dainty purple flowers. Sole host plant for catterpillars...
0 ...

A leaf that's shaped like an arrowhead, so has a distinct pointed tip. It also has pointed lobes, which extend either side of the point of attachment to the petiole or leaf stalk.
Saprophyte ...

Elephant ear, with its white striping and arrowhead-shaped leaves, is an interesting option for the bath. Be careful not to overwater this plant, and repot it every two to three years.

Gonzales and Arrowhead are two of my favorite mini varieties. When mature, they usually weigh less than two pounds and are the perfect size for mixing up a batch of cole slaw or filling for eggrolls.

Sagittaria latifolia American arrowhead
perennial, easy care
created by chief cultivator
zones: 3a thru 11a ...

Sagittaria Latifolia (Japanese arrowhead)
Typha Angustifolia (Cattail)
Pontederia Cordata (Pickerelweed) ...

The next evolution was the scuffle hoe, with the blade pointing forward and perpendicular to the ground. (It's often shaped like an arrowhead).

While nephthytis is young, its foliage has arrowhead-shaped leaf blades 5-7 inches long. But as they reach maturity and begin to climb, the leaves develop two or more basal lobes that separate into individual leaflets that look like wings.

The spathe is actually a modified leaf and may be white, yellow, or pink/rose/purple. The spadix holds the tiny, true flowers. Its leaves are arrowhead-shaped and solid green or green with silver or white flecks.

These outer colored leaves are known as spathes. They encircle the spadix, which is a tapering yellow enclosure for the actual flowers. The green leaves of the calla lily are shaped like arrowheads and have white or silver speckles.

"There's a Rubber Tree (Ficus elastic), there's Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia indica) and Howea Palms (Howea spp) planted here, quite intentionally. There's also a Syngonium - (Syngonium spp - Arrowhead Vine) that most people would be happy to have in ...

inches below the surface of the water or in the moist soil next to the pond, providing shelter for fish, frogs and other plant life. Shelf plants include sweet flag, water plantain, marsh marigold, pickerel rush, sedges, cattails and arrowhead.

o Arrowhead (syngonium podophyllum)
o Black Gold (ph. melanochryson)
o Devil's Ivy (Pothos) (scindapsus aureus)
* Elephant's Ear (philodendron hastatum)
* Fiddle Leaf (ph. pandurae forme)
* Green Gold (syngonium podophyllum) ...

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