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Bottle garden

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Bottle Gardens
A really attractive and unusual way of growing plants indoors is to create a bottle garden.

BOTTLE GARDEN - A small terrarium created in a bottle. A miniature eco-system.

Bottle Gardening: How to Make a Bottle Garden
by FuzzyCookie (97 followers)
Simple and easy guide showing basic method to plant a bottle garden. Learn how a low maintenance garden in a bottle is made.

BOTTLE GARDEN: A form of terrarium in which a large and heavy glass container is used.
BOTTOM HEAT: Undersurface heat provided in the soil by electric cables or hot water pipes.

How to Edge a Bottle Garden
If you have a garden that is made from a variety of bottles -- whether glass or repurposed plastic soda bottles -- you work in a creative and unique space.

Peperomia is a great plant for bottle gardens. It's also an undemanding plant for any living area. The foliage is neatly textured and corrugated. Green flower spikes grow on tall stalks out of the leaves.

A large and heavy glass vessel, originally designed for the storage of chemicals but now commonly used as a container for bottle gardens.
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Gardening  Botrytis  Bottom heat

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