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A bud eye is the swollen area found where the leaf joins with the stem, a bud eye can grow into a new stem.
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Bud eye A potential growth point that is used for budding.
Bud scale A modified leaf or stipule (there may be one, a few, or many) protective of the embryonic tissue of the bud.
Bud union A swollen and distinct node when a bud has been grafted.

Do not harm new bud eyes below ground level.
Tree peonies - Deadhead above topmost leaf. Very early spring remove winter damaged stems and cut all stems to top healthy live eye or bud. Remove diseased flowers, buds, and stems by cutting back to healthy stems at any time. Use sterile utensils.

rhizome A thickened underground stem that grows horizontally with bud eyes on top and roots below. Bearded iris is an example of a plant that produces rhizomes.
rhizosphere The thin layer of soil immediately surrounding plant roots.

Pruning is another aspect to consider when caring for rose bushes. This often takes place once leaf buds appear in spring. Make cuts about 1/4 inch above the bud eyes and prune out any twiggy or unhealthy branches.

" The growth that develops will result in a better-shaped bush during the growing season. Pruning cuts should be made at a 45 degree angle, a quarter of an inch above an outward facing eye. The low side of the cut should be opposite the ~.

Stem A branch of a cane, emerging from a ~ and bearing leaves and at least one flower. Stopping The removal of the growing tip of a plant to induce the production of sideshoots or the formation of flower heads. Also known as "pinching out".

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