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Cane berries

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Cane Berries - Types of berries that grow on canes (stocks) rather than vines.

Cane berries refer to any type of berries that grow on canes, including blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries and marionberries. Many prize these berries for their sweet taste and care for the canes to create jams, jellies and other confections.

Prune summer raspberries and other cane berries by removing all canes that have finished bearing fruit. I trim this year's new canes to about 6 feet tall, the maximum height I want to reach when harvesting them next year.

Many herbaceous and woody plants, including English ivy, hydrangea, Japanese aucuba, pansy, cane berries; trees including ash, dogwood, elm, maple, oak, Southern magnolia, and sycamore.
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Gardening  Cane  Canker

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